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Wing - Market & Discussion Federation or WMD[edit]

AllianceID: 2587

Members: 900

This is the largest federation devoted to wingskill. First and foremost it caters to Winger Trainers. However, Wingers. Forward towards wings and Wing backs are multi skilled players, therefore there are many PM Trainers, Defense Trainers and Forward Trainers who are members. Also, as Winger Trainers have considerable formation freedom tactically, all kinds of trainers have an interest in our tactical discussions.

All our welcome to the Fed.

Conference Culture[edit]

Because of the wide variety of players we discuss,our conference is organised. Here are some helpful hints and guidelines to get the most out of the Fed:

1. We prefer threads with many posts about Discussion topics of interest rather than thousands of 2-post Q&As. - Ask yourself, "Am I starting a discussion or just asking a simple question" before you start a thread.

2. Our Market has clearly-marked Sales Threads ([$$] [$T], etc...) - Any player wing sufficient wing skill will qualify for one of our sales threads. - The criteria for the sales threads is to allow better price research and to reduce clutter.

Newbie Winger Trainers[edit]

Where to start:[edit]

A good place to start with your questions is our Newbie Q & A thread. It's our general thread for all your simple questions about your team or winger training. Somebody can answer your question there, and someone who comes later can read your Q & A and learn something too.

A good place to start with your research about wingers is to check-out our Conference Polls and their accompanying threads. They are clearly marked with a big blue "P". You can find them in the active threads as well as the "Previous" threads and the multiple "Archive" threads (just keep hitting archive and go further back in time!)

The "Archive" threads contain many past discussions that have interested us. They are a tremendous resource for newbie winger trainers. Of special interest are the discussions involving the game engine changes and the introduction of FTWs.

HINT: Look at the number next to the thread title. It tells you how many posts there are in the thread: more posts equals more interest by our members and more ability for you to learn what your peers think.

Buying trainees:[edit]

Check-out our special threads devoted to trainees. The most important for Newbie trainees are:

[$T] Winger Trainees

[$T] High PM Trainees

Check them out for price research before you buy or find the right trainee for you there. Then check out:

[$$] WBs & WB Trainees

[$$] Fwd Twd Wing

These threads are where you find trainees for FTW or WB and also where our finished-products are listed. You can make a better assessment about how far you want to get into the WB or FTW markets and with what kind of trainees.

Defense (Wingback) Trainers[edit]

Winger Trainers train defenders in the 50% Wing Back training spot and are looking to buy defenders with trainable wing skill.

Many Defense Trainers train players with high wingskill as defenders in their wingbacks training spots.

Some Defense Trainers buy a Winger with trainable wing skill to play as an Offensive winger, Normal winger or Defensive winger in their league games and then play them as an Offensive wingback or Normal wingback in their Cup/Friendly matches.

The WB Market:[edit]

We have a special thread for both those types of players: [$$] WBs & WB Trainees. In that thread you will find 3 types of players listed: 1. High-Defense with trainable-Wing for Winger Trainers to buy 2. High-Wing and trainable-Defense players for Defense Trainers to buy 3. Finished-product Wingbacks with high-Defense and high-Wing

Creative Defense Trainers can find their next trainees there or sell their latest Wingback trainee.

The WB Discussion:[edit]

Winger Trainers feel compelled to play wingbacks despite the poor profitability in the past. In the discussion threads, Defense trainers can learn from Wing Trainers' experiences and can share their own experineces.

Of keen interest to Defense Trainers are the threads: Tactics: 4-5-1 (also 5-4-1 is found in there) Tactics: 4-4-2 (CA or otherwise)

Playmaking (High PM Winger) Trainers[edit]

Wingers are Midfielders. They contribute approx. 50-75% of their PM skill to the midfield rating.

Many PM Trainers train players with high-Wing and trainable-PM in their 50% spots on each wing.

Many Winger Trainers will train players with high-Playmaking and trainable-Wing, using the player as an IM in league matches and as a WTM, then Winger in Cup/Friendly matches.

The Wing+PM Market:[edit]

The market for Wingers with PM is large, therefore we have several threads devoted to these players. [$T] High PM Trainees (sell to winger trainers) [$] Trainable PM (Wingers for you to buy)

Also of interest to Playmaking Trainers is the finished product thread: [$$] High PM Wingers

The Wing+PM Discussion[edit]

1. High-PM Wingers 2. WTMs

Scoring (FTW) Trainers[edit]

The FTW Market:[edit]

The FTW Discussion[edit]