Wing attacks

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This is the newest of all training types. It trains the wing skill for wingers and forwards. About 1% of the managers train this. Note that the Crossing (Winger) training type trains the wing skill as well, for fewer players but at a faster rate.


  • Able to train more players (max 10) than Crossing (max 4 at 100% and 4 at 50%).
  • Tailor made for producing Forward Towards Wing (FTW).
  • Does away with the troublesome and usually unprofitable Wingback training position.


  • As a new training regime, details about Wing attacks training are still unclear.
  • Trains wingers slower than Crossing.
  • Market for main product, FTWs, is uncertain.
  • Need to play X-X-3 formations with 2 wingers to maximise training. Such a formation may not be competitive, esp in midfield.