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This is the wing defender in your team, who has the largest effect upon your wing defence ratings.

Wingbacks also contribute to attack ratings, through the use of their wing skill.

Wingbacks can be played as Normal Wingback and can also be played as a Defensive Wingback or an Offensive Wingback or even Wingback Towards Middle.

Contribution to Wing Attack Ratings

The largest contributor to each wing attack rating is the wing skill of your wingers. Here are the components of left wing attack in the order of their relative contribution as listed in the rules:

  1. Winger left winger
  2. Winger left wing back
  3. Scoring forwards
  4. Passing left winger
  5. Passing left inner midfielder
  6. Winger forwards
  7. Passing forwards

So wing skill on your winger, especially if played offensive, gives you more wing attack than the wing skill of your wingback.

How to play your Wingback

Wing skill on wingbacks is helpful, but it can't be relied upon to deliver a wing attack on its own like the wing skill of a good winger can.

However, it can add to an already good wing attack that you get from playing either a Winger or a Forward toward wing on the same side as the wingback. You can do this by playing a wingback normal.

You can also get a larger boost to the wing attack by playing your wingback offensive, but this should only be used with caution as it is an extreme order that reduces the defensive qualities of the player for the gain of some more wing attack.

A wingback played defensive or towards middle contributes very little to the wing attack, so little that it is considered that defending is the only skill needed for that position.

A "normal" wingback gives you the maximum skill contribution by the player with-out any penalty to the overall performance of the player, just like other "normal" postitions in your starting 11.