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#REDIRECT [[Wingback Towards Middle]]
A [[Wingback]] Toward Middle is useful for increasing your [[Central Defense]] rating. However it will reduce your Wing Defense as well as slightly reduce your Wing attack rating ''on the side where the WBTM is played.''
== WBTM and the Wing Attack Rating ==
A WBTM uses their wing skill to contribute to the Wing Attack rating on their side of the field just like any [[Wingback]]. However that skill is reduced.
It is like you are playing with slightly less than 1/2 a Central Defender and slightly less than 1/2 a Normal Wingback (who contribute to wing attack).
This has serious consequences for your wing defence rating on the side where you play your WBTM. '''Going from playing a Defensive Wingback to a WBTM is a big change.'''
The wingskill of the WBTM should also be taken into consideration for maximum efficiency of the player. They are like a Normal Wingback in that their defensive contribution on the wing is slightly less than and their wingskill contribution is greater than hypothetically half a Defensive Wingback.
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