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Some may say that PM is expensive. But, it has some benefits when you get into higher wage brackets and improving IMs gets prohibitive.
Some may say that PM is expensive. But, it has some benefits when you get into higher wage brackets and improving IMs gets prohibitive.
== See Also ==
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[[Is Wing Training for Newbies?]]
[[Is Wing Training for Newbies?]]
== Federations ==
== Federations ==

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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes position winger. For other uses of Winger, see Winger (disambiguation)

Wingers are an often overlooked position within hattrick, and have several uses. Their main function is to provide your team with decent side attacks, but they also contribute to midfield and defence as well.

Good wingers require wing skill. Playmaking and stamina are also very useful. Passing also helps, as does defending. You might also want to look out for the quick or head specialties, although all specialities have some value.

There is also a special event unique to wingers called a "Winger SE".

Wingers can be trained through crossing or wing attacks training.

As well as Normal Wingers, there are three orders that can be given to these players

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If you are buying PM on your wingers, try to buy high stamina just like IMs. Offensive wingers may use 50% of their PM, but 100% of their stamina.

If you are buying higher PM levels on your wingers (formidable ) they are likely to have been played as IMs by the winger trainer after having been trained in PM by a PM trainer. In doing this they play twice a week and get league and cup experience, that can add up. When it comes to a multi-skilled player like a winger, that experience does pay a dividend.

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With the growing popularity of High PM Wingers and growing wage pressures, a new type of ideal High PM Winger has been created: The Überwinger

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There is strong rational for teams to buy either a "naked" winger or one with PM. It depends on whether you are going for midfield ratings or not.

Wing skill is number 1. It's the reason why anyone buys a winger.

Where PM comes into play is that at high levels of wing skill, the higher the PM (and therefore midfield), the greater your team's chances to excerise that wing skill by generating extra chances. The PM skill also compensates for having an offensive winger (with reduced defense contribution).

If the team is strictly a CA team that is unconcerned with midfield, then it is perhaps not money worth spending. However if it is a team that looks to compete in midfield and have at least two attack fronts, it is a way to get more from x-3-x or x-4-x with-one-winger formations.

WTM is not worth mentioning frankly. Paying for wingskill in that position is a bit of a waste after recent changes to the game engine. Better to have an extra IM in that role. PM on a winger should be bought with the intention of playing that player offensive 99% of the time.

Some may say that PM is expensive. But, it has some benefits when you get into higher wage brackets and improving IMs gets prohibitive.

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Is Wing Training for Newbies?


For other uses, see Winger (disambiguation).