World Cup III

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Host: Nederland

Winner: Sverige

Second: Canada

Third: Nederland & England

From the beginning it was very clear that Sverige was going to win this World cup. All of their players (including legends like Thomas Björnsson, Roger Hagmo and Ulf 'Opp' Johansson) were at least two levels better than the best players of the other countries. They devastated England(with Craig Wozniak, Stephane Beaumont, Neil Jelleyman and others) in the semi-finals, 4-0. Canada won the thrilling semi-finals after penalty's against hosting country Nederland, with among others superlegends Klaas Evers, Kornel ten Berge and Gerben Alting van Geusau. In the final, Canada (with national legends like Herman Ife, Simon Ferguson and Scott Rummens), held the Sverige team down to a 1-0 half time lead. However, the divine midfield of the heavily favoured Sverige team eventually started to bear fruit, and Sverige won the WC with a well deserved 4-0 win.