World Cup V

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World Cup V
Tournament details
Host  España
Season(s) Seasons 22-23
Teams 76
Final positions
Champions  Sverige
Runner-up  England
Semi-finalists  Suomi

This was the first World Cup that saw all of the HT-nations participating. Qualification round was based on 16 groups. Teams were placed in groups based on their rank and played each other once at home and once away during a 10 week period. The two best teams from each group advanced to Round II. Qualifications saw two big surprises: in Group 6 #4 seed Eesti and #2 seed Venezuela edged out #1 seed Scotland to win the group, and in Group 16 #4 seed Nippon and #3 seed Indonesia upset #1 seed France and #2 seed Uruguay to steal the group and eliminate the two reputable teams from the cup.

With 32 teams remaining the Cup moved to España without the hosts, who were left third after Denmark and Oceania in Group 5. In Round II Indonesia continued their fairy tale as the #4 seed won Group 1. The group had a record number of draws (4 out of 6 matches). In Group 2 #4 Malaysia edged out #2 Nederland to advance.

Round III saw the underdogs Indonesia end their run failing to even score a goal in Group 2. Despite being unable to find the back of the net, the team still got two points by drawing 0-0 twice. Since one of those draws came against Norge, Sverige remained the only team with a clean winning streak.

Sverige continued their winning streak through Round IV. The team also kept their opponents in Group 1 scoreless as they prepared for the Semi-Finals. In Group 2 #4 seed Suomi won the group. In a classic match Suomi perfectly pressed #1 seed Norge into invisibility winning the match 1-0.

In the Semi-Finals the classic Hattrick battle, Sverige - Norge, wasn't particularly exciting this time, as Sverige bullied Norge's divine Central Defense with their divine Midfield, winning 3-0. In the other Semi-Final Suomi tried their hand at ball possession, playing a 2-6-2 against England. Despite winning 2nd half possession, the team was no match against England's divine Left Attack, which secured their 4-0 victory. Sverige was the overwhelming favorite in the Final, and they didn't disappoint. The game was over by halftime, as they were up 5-0. They won the match 6-1 as Tomas Månsson scored a hat trick.


This round started on 2004-03-19 20:00:00.

Group #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Group 1 Template:Flag/NOR Template:Flag/GRE Template:Flag/SCG Template:Flag/CZE Template:Flag/PHI
Group 2 Template:Flag/SWE Template:Flag/LVA Template:Flag/CRO Template:Flag/PAR Template:Flag/BOL
Group 3 Template:Flag/ROU Template:Flag/IND Template:Flag/SUI Template:Flag/MAR Template:Flag/NGA
Group 4 Template:Flag/CAN Template:Flag/BEL Template:Flag/CHI Template:Flag/EGY Template:Flag/CRC
Group 5 Template:Flag/DEN Template:Flag/OCE Template:Flag/ESP Template:Flag/KOR Template:Flag/CYP
Group 6 Template:Flag/EST Template:Flag/VEN Template:Flag/ARG Template:Flag/SCO Template:Flag/UAE
Group 7 Template:Flag/POR Template:Flag/ITA Template:Flag/GER Template:Flag/WAL Template:Flag/KSA
Group 8 Template:Flag/AUT Template:Flag/VIE Template:Flag/FRO Template:Flag/ECU Template:Flag/LUX
Group 9 Template:Flag/FIN Template:Flag/IRL Template:Flag/PAK Template:Flag/BIH Template:Flag/TUN
Group 10 Template:Flag/USA Template:Flag/SVN Template:Flag/RSA Template:Flag/UKR Template:Flag/IRN
Group 11 Template:Flag/ENG Template:Flag/RUS Template:Flag/HKG Template:Flag/SVK Template:Flag/DOM
Group 12 Template:Flag/POL Template:Flag/TUR Template:Flag/COL Template:Flag/ISR Template:Flag/LTU
Group 13 Template:Flag/BRA Template:Flag/CHN Template:Flag/PER Template:Flag/BUL -
Group 14 Template:Flag/MEX Template:Flag/MAS Template:Flag/THA Template:Flag/TPE -
Group 15 Template:Flag/NED Template:Flag/HUN Template:Flag/SIN Template:Flag/ISL -
Group 16 Template:Flag/JPN Template:Flag/IDN Template:Flag/FRA Template:Flag/URU -

Round II

This round started on 2004-08-13 20:00:00 and was played in España.

Group 1

Team Pts GD
 Indonesia 5 +2
 Italia 5 +1
 Nippon 2 -1
 Österreich 2 -2

Group 2

Team Pts GD
 Suomi 7 +6
 Malaysia 5 +2
 Nederland 4 ±0
 Ireland 0 -8

Group 3

Team Pts GD
 România 5 +1
 México 4 +3
 Magyarország 4 ±0
 Rossiya 2 -4

Group 4

Team Pts GD
 Sverige 9 +5
 India 3 -1
 Eesti 3 -1
 China 3 -3

Group 5

Team Pts GD
 Polska 7 +2
 Latvija 4 +2
 Hellas 3 ±0
 Brasil 1 -4

Group 6

Team Pts GD
 Norge 9 +7
 Danmark 6 ±0
 Slovenija 3 ±0
 Türkiye 0 -7

Group 7

Team Pts GD
 England 9 +8
 Canada 6 +3
 Belgium 3 ±0
 Việt Nam 0 -11

Group 8

Team Pts GD
 Oceania 6 +1
 USA 4 +4
 Portugal 4 -4
 Venezuela 2 -1

Round III

This round started on 2004-09-17 20:00:00 and was played in España.

Group 1

Team Pts GD
 România 7 +3
 England 6 +3
 India 4 +1
 Canada 0 -7

Group 2

Team Pts GD
 Norge 7 +6
 Danmark 4 +1
 Latvija 2 -3
 Indonesia 2 -4

Group 3

Team Pts GD
 Sverige 9 +7
 Oceania 3 -1
 Malaysia 3 -3
 México 3 -3

Group 4

Team Pts GD
 Polska 7 +2
 Suomi 4 +1
 Italia 4 ±0
 USA 1 -3

Round IV

This round started on 2004-09-27 20:00:00 and was played in España.

Group 1

Team Pts GD
 Sverige 9 +11
 England 4 +2
 Oceania 4 -2
 Polska 0 -11

Group 2

Team Pts GD
 Suomi 7 +3
 Norge 6 +4
 România 3 -1
 Danmark 1 -6


This round started on 2004-10-08 20:00:00 and was played in España.

ID Match Result
(24627741)  Sverige 3 - 0  Norge
(24627742)  England 4 - 0  Suomi


This round starts on 2004-10-10 20:00:00 and was played in España.

ID Match Result
(24962880)  Sverige 6 - 1  England

Tactics and Ratings

Sverige: 3-4-3
Midfield: magical (high)
Right Defence: world class (high)
Central Defence: titanic (very low)
Left Defence: supernatural (low)
Right Attack: titanic (high)
Central Attack: world class (very high)
Left Attack: titanic (high)

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A
England: 4-3-3
AIM (outstanding)
Midfield: outstanding (very low)
Right Defence: formidable (very low)
Central Defence: titanic (high)
Left Defence: titanic (very high)
Right Attack: outstanding (very high)
Central Attack: mythical (high)
Left Attack: outstanding (low)

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A

HT Annoucements

19.1.2004 New World Cup Format
The currently ongoing World Cup (and the upcoming U-20 World Cup next season) will be the last to be played with the current format. A new system for qualification and World Cup, that hopefully will add more fun and interest around the world, and more fairness to all, will then take over. Read all about The New World Cup Format
7.3.2004 Next World Cup in Spain
The qualifiers for the next World Cup starts Friday March 19. World Cup host will be Spain (España) this time. As previously stated, this will be the first tournament played with the new World Cup format. It was previously planned that the World Cup qualifiers was to start this friday, but we've decided to give another week for the new national coaches elected to get accustomed to their team and the dust to settle after last World Cup. March 19 it is.
13.8.2004 Hattrick World Cup V
After the qualification round last season it is now time for the real deal! Tonight, 32 nations will battle it out in some interesting clashes in España.

Will the Norwegians deliver this year as well?

30.9.2004 Important matches in the World Cup
Right now we're in the middle of round IV, the last group stages deciding which four teams will reach the semi-finals. In the first group, Sweden, Oceania, Polska and England are fighting for two places in the semis, and in the second group Norge, Suomi, România and Danmark are fighting for the other two. Two matches remain to be played, Friday and Monday.
8.10.2004 Time for the semi-finals
There are now only four teams left in the WC after an exciting finish in the last group stage, where two completely decisive matches were played in the last round. England took the necessary point against Oceania in order to reach the semis and Norge managed to find a hole in Romania's strong defensive wall for a 1-0 win.

England will now be facing the lions from Suomi, and Norge will face Sverige. Will Sverige get their revenge for the loss in the last WC final?

9.10.2004 Sverige vs England in Sunday's final
Sverige got their revenge on Norge and England taught Suomi a lesson, which means Sverige and England face each other in the final. The match starts Sunday at 20:00 HT-time.
10.10.2004 Sweden World Champions!
Sweden came out victorious in tonight's World Cup final after beating England 6-1. Sweden effectively sealed the game taking a 2-0 lead as early as the 8th minute.

Tomas Månsson scored a Hattrick but perhaps the biggest heroes of the day were Tomas Sjösjö and Ulf "Opp" Johansson who both secured their third World Cups and on top of that also have a silver medal each.

Congratulations to Sweden and especially to the manager wilmerx!

World Cup

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