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{{Infobox tournament
wcname = World Cup VI |
| tournament = World Cup VI
wcseasons = Seasons 24-25 |
| host = {{Flag|Brasil}}
wchost = Flag/BRAn |
| season = Seasons 24-25
teams = 88 |
| number_of_teams = 88
wcwinner = Flag/SWEn |
| champions = {{Flag|Sverige}}
wcsecond = Flag/SCOn |
| runner_up = {{Flag|Scotland}}
wcthird1 = Flag/POLn |
| semi_finalists = {{Flag|Polska}}<br>{{Flag|Danmark}}
wcthird2 = Flag/DENn |
| matches_played =  
| goals_scored =
| previous = [[World Cup V|WC V]]
| next = [[World Cup VII|WC VII]]

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World Cup VI
Tournament details
Host  Brasil
Season(s) Seasons 24-25
Teams 88
Final positions
Champions  Sverige
Runner-up  Scotland
Semi-finalists  Polska

Host Brasil didn't manage to make it to the second round as Polska and Prathet Thai continued from Group 7. Group 13 was very even with top three teams, France, México, and Eesti, all finishing with 22 points. Eesti was eliminated by a difference of 1 goal after México, which they won 2-0 in the last game. 3-0 victory would've secured Eesti a spot in the World Cup.

Round II saw first big surprises as België and Misr qualified in front of Italia and USA in Group 3. In Group 4 Prathet Thai finished first, leaving France in the fourth place. Same faith awaited Nederland in Group 5. Also semi-finalists from the previous World Cup, Suomi, were eliminated.

Only one of the medalists from the previous World Cup managed to go through Round III. Reigning champions Sverige conceded only 1 goal and finished first in Group 2. Silver medalists from the previous games England was last in the same group. In Group 3 Danmark and Scotland edged Norge out.

In Group 1 of #Round IV Danmark and surprise team Scotland finished the games of Prathet Thai and Canada. In Group 2 Polska finished first with Sverige second, leaving Oceania and España without a medal. In the #Semi-Finals was fought a classic scandinavian derby between Danmark and Sverige, with Sverige clearly beating Danes for a spot in the final. In the other Semi-Final Scotland managed to defeat Polska. In the final there was only one team as Sverige easily defeated Scotland.


This round started on 2004-10-29 20:00:00.

Group #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Group 1 Template:Flag/SWE Template:Flag/ESP Template:Flag/HKG Template:Flag/PHI Template:Flag/BOL -
Group 2 Template:Flag/ENG Template:Flag/TUR Template:Flag/NGA Template:Flag/VIE Template:Flag/ALB -
Group 3 Template:Flag/NOR Template:Flag/SCO Template:Flag/IRL Template:Flag/MAR Template:Flag/MDA -
Group 4 Template:Flag/FIN Template:Flag/CHI Template:Flag/JPN Template:Flag/URU Template:Flag/MLT -
Group 5 Template:Flag/ROU Template:Flag/RSA Template:Flag/CHN Template:Flag/TPE Template:Flag/KGZ -
Group 6 Template:Flag/OCE Template:Flag/BEL Template:Flag/ARG Template:Flag/PAR Template:Flag/HON -
Group 7 Template:Flag/POL Template:Flag/THA Template:Flag/BRA Template:Flag/FRO Template:Flag/SLV -
Group 8 Template:Flag/DEN Template:Flag/CRO Template:Flag/WAL Template:Flag/VEN Template:Flag/NIR -
Group 9 Template:Flag/HUN Template:Flag/ITA Template:Flag/ISL Template:Flag/SUI Template:Flag/UKR Template:Flag/LUX
Group 10 Template:Flag/IND Template:Flag/GRE Template:Flag/PER Template:Flag/BUL Template:Flag/COL Template:Flag/PAN
Group 11 Template:Flag/NED Template:Flag/GER Template:Flag/LVA Template:Flag/CRC Template:Flag/KEN Template:Flag/ECU
Group 12 Template:Flag/USA Template:Flag/RUS Template:Flag/ISR Template:Flag/SVK Template:Flag/CYP Template:Flag/JAM
Group 13 Template:Flag/FRA Template:Flag/MEX Template:Flag/EST Template:Flag/SCG Template:Flag/UAE Template:Flag/MKD
Group 14 Template:Flag/EGY Template:Flag/SVN Template:Flag/IDN Template:Flag/SIN Template:Flag/KSA Template:Flag/BLR
Group 15 Template:Flag/MAS Template:Flag/AUT Template:Flag/KOR Template:Flag/PAK Template:Flag/LTU Template:Flag/TUN
Group 16 Template:Flag/CAN Template:Flag/POR Template:Flag/CZE Template:Flag/BIH Template:Flag/DOM Template:Flag/IRN

Round II

This round started on 2005-03-25 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

Group 1

Team Pts GD
 Canada 9 +7
 Norge 4 +2
 Deutschland 3 -1
 Hrvatska 1 -8

Group 2

Team Pts GD
 Danmark 7 +5
 Chile 6 ±0
 India 2 -3
 Rossiya 1 -2

Group 3

Team Pts GD
 Belgium 7 +3
 Misr 5 +1
 Italia 4 ±0
 USA 0 -4

Group 4

Team Pts GD
 Prathet Thai 6 +3
 Österreich 4 ±0
 Malaysia 4 ±0
 France 3 -3

Group 5

Team Pts GD
 Scotland 7 +2
 Magyarország 6 +4
 Portugal 4 ±0
 Nederland 0 -6

Group 6

Team Pts GD
 España 6 +5
 England 6 +1
 Suomi 4 ±0
 México 1 -6

Group 7

Team Pts GD
 Sverige 9 +6
 Polska 4 +4
 Slovenija 4 -1
 South Africa 0 -9

Group 8

Team Pts GD
 Oceania 7 +4
 Türkiye 4 -2
 Hellas 2 -1
 România 2 -1

Round III

This round started on 2005-04-29 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

Group 1

Team Pts GD
 Prathet Thai 7 +3
 Canada 5 +1
 Magyarország 3 -2
 Türkiye 1 -2

Group 2

Team Pts GD
 Sverige 9 +4
 España 6 +3
 Österreich 1 -3
 England 1 -4

Group 3

Team Pts GD
 Danmark 9 +7
 Scotland 6 +4
 Norge 3 -4
 Chile 0 -7

Group 4

Team Pts GD
 Polska 7 +5
 Oceania 6 +3
 Belgium 4 +5
 Misr 0 -13

Round IV

This round started on 2005-05-09 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

Group 1

Team Pts GD
 Danmark 6 +2
 Scotland 5 +1
 Prathet Thai 4 ±0
 Canada 1 -3

Group 2

Team Pts GD
 Polska 7 +5
 Sverige 7 +4
 Oceania 1 -4
 España 1 -5


This round started on 2005-05-20 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

ID Match Result
(39863182)  Danmark 0 - 4  Sverige
(39863183)  Scotland 2 - 1  Polska


This round started on 2005-05-22 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

ID Match Result
(40175466)  Scotland 0 - 8  Sverige

Tactics and Ratings

Scotland: 3-5-2
AIM (outstanding)
Midfield: supernatural (low)
Right Defence: passable (very low)
Central Defence: passable (very high)
Left Defence: inadequate (high)
Right Attack: outstanding (high)
Central Attack: brilliant (high)
Left Attack: passable (very high)

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A
Sverige: 3-4-3
Midfield: extra-terrestrial (very high)
Right Defence: titanic (low)
Central Defence: supernatural (very low)
Left Defence: magnificent (low)
Right Attack: magnificent (high)
Central Attack: divine (very high)
Left Attack: divine (very high)

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A

Events of Note

The "Scroll Wheel Incident"

Almost bigger news than the World Cup itself was the famed "Scroll Wheel Incident," which occured in Round II when Belgium and USA agreed to a mutual PiC, or so they thought. When the match had ended, it was clear that Belgium had not PiCed, and USA users were outraged. GM-Moons, manager of the Belgian National Team at the time, issued a statement saying that he was "very sorry" and that the failure to Play it Cool was "due to a Scroll Wheel incident." The majority of USA users didn't believe him at first, but after time went by, it became clear to everyone that whether or not he meant to do this, he was sorry it happened. The USA was eliminated from the World Cup due to this incident, and some USA users still hold a grudge against Belgium because of it. The decision by ArdentEnthusiast to PiC a match that was a "must win" for the USA was controversial in itself.

HT Announcements

22.03.2005 World Cup
Friday 20.00 Hattrick Time the World Cup kicks off, this time in Brasil. It is the second stage of the tournament and 32 teams in 8 groups will battle for the 16 available spots in stage III. The last tournament saw Sweden back on the throne and there are lots of strong contenders who are all hungry for the Gold. Good luck to all competing nations!
28.04.2005 World cup round III
32 teams have become 16 as the World Cup now moves on to the third stage. Among the 16 teams fighting for the eight spots in the next round there are big elephants as Sverige, Norge and England as well as underdogs like Prathet Thai and Misr, making sure this stage will be even more tight and exciting than the last one.The third round kicks off Friday at 20.00 HT-time.
07.05.2005 8 teams left
After last night's games in the World Cup, only 8 teams are now left. Only one team out of the four teams that fought the semifinals in the last World Cup has made it to the final eight this time: Sweden which looks very strong but must face a tough group of Poland, Spain and Oceania. In the other group, there are several surprises: Along with strong Denmark three minor (in terms of user base, but clearly not skill!) HT-nations will fight for a place in the semi-finals: Canada (37th largest), Scotland (43rd largest) and finally Thailand (Prathet Thai, 46th largest). The final group round will start on Monday.
17.05.2005 World Cup semifinals
On Friday, it is time for the World Cup semifinals. One of them will be a classic Scandinavian derby between Denmark and Sweden with centuries of rivalry and a place in the final at stake. Team spirit seems to be pointing to Sweden, but the Swedes may have their focus on the final while the Danish have nothing to lose. The other semifinal will see Poland take on one of this World Cup's surprise teams - Scotland. Can the Scots make it all the way to the final, or will the Polish make it to their third World Cup final?
20.05.2005 Scotland is in the final
Scotland defeated Poland in a tight semifinal with a very exciting 86th minute. First Poland scored the equalizer and right after that Jacob Sim became Scotland's hero when he scored 2-1. Scotland will now be facing Sweden in the final, Sweden who managed to find four holes in the Danish defense wall in the other semifinal. Will Sweden win again, or will the Scots make it all the way? We will know the answer on Sunday, the match starts 20.00.
23.05.2005 Congratulations Sweden
Coach Boggler took Scotland on a fantastic journey but didn't manage to make it all the way. Sweden was way too strong in the final and the match was more or less over after 11 minutes. Congratulations to Sweden and coach Hacker for a fantastic performance.
World Cup

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