World Cup VI

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The "Scroll Wheel Incident"

Almost bigger news than the World Cup itself was the famed "Scroll Wheel Incident," which occured in Round II when Belgium and USA agreed to a mutual PiC, or so they thought. When the match had ended, it was clear that Belgium had not PiCed, and USA users were outraged. GM-Moons, manager of the Belgian National Team at the time, issued a statement saying that he was "very sorry" and that the failure to Play it Cool was "due to a Scroll Wheel incident." The majority of USA users didn't believe him at first, but after time went by, it became clear to everyone that whether or not he meant to do this, he was clearly sorry it happened. The USA was eliminated from the World Cup due to this incident, and most USA users still hold a grudge against Belgium because of it. The decision by ArdentEnthusiast to PiC a match that was a "must win" for the USA was controversial at the time.


This round started on 2004-10-29 20:00:00.

Round II

This round started on 2005-03-25 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

Round III

This round started on 2005-04-29 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

Round IV

This round started on 2005-05-09 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.


This round started on 2005-05-20 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.


This round started on 2005-05-22 20:00:00 and was played in Brasil.

Tactics and Ratings

World Cup

Nippon/Hanguk 15 · Argentina 17 · Nederland 19 · USA 21 · España 23 · Brasil 25 · China 27 · Deutschland 29 · Rossiya 31 · Portugal 33 · België 35 · Colombia 37 · Hellas 39 · Prathet Thai 41 · South Africa 43 · India 45 · Trinidad and Tobago 47 · Israel 49 · Crna Gora 51 · Tounes 53 · Brasil 55 · Andorra 57 · Indonesia 59 · Eesti 61 · France 63 · Guatemala 65 · Oceania 67 ·