World Cup VII

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World Cup VII
Tournament details
Host  China
Season(s) Seasons 26-27
Teams 96
Final positions
Champions  Sverige
Runner-up  España
Semi-finalists  Polska
Tournament statistics
Goals scored Dawid Nowak
Goalscorer List


This round started on 2005-06-10 20:00:00.

Group #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Group 1 Sverige Latvija Česká republika Uruguay Bolivia Føroyar
Group 2 Indonesia Eesti Scotland Colombia Cyprus Makedonija
Group 3 Polska Nederland Hanguk Việt Nam Chinese Taipei Jamaica
Group 4 Danmark México Pilipinas Perú Republica Dominicana Panamá
Group 5 USA Prathet Thai Israel Hong Kong Lëtzebuerg United Arab Emirates
Group 6 Canada Singapore Rossiya Pakistan Northern Ireland Paraguay
Group 7 Oceania Hellas Ísland Al Maghrib Kenya Honduras
Group 8 España France South Africa Lietuva Belarus Kyrgyzstan
Group 9 Belgium China Hrvatska România Saudi Arabia Malta
Group 10 Magyarország Chile Srbija i Crna Gora Ukraina Ecuador Moldova
Group 11 England Deutschland Bulgaria Costa Rica Tounes Shqipëria
Group 12 Norge Ireland Portugal Bosna i Hercegovina Iran Al Urdun
Group 13 Österreich Slovenija Venezuela Slovensko Sakartvelo Trinidad & Tobago
Group 14 Italia Malaysia Cymru Brasil Guatemala Suriname
Group 15 Suomi Schweiz Misr Nippon Andorra Nicaragua
Group 16 Argentina Türkiye India Nigeria El Salvador Kazakhstan

Round II[edit]

This round started on 2005-11-04 20:00:00 and was played in China.

Group 1
Team Pts GD
 Singapore 7 +2
 Österreich 4 ±0
 Indonesia 3 -1
 China 2 -1
Group 2
Team Pts GD
 España 9 +10
 México 6 +3
 Italia 3 -2
 Prathet Thai 0 -11

Group 3
Team Pts GD
 Türkiye 7 +7
 Suomi 7 +5
 Magyarország 3 -1
 Chile 0 -11
Group 4
Team Pts GD
 Sverige 9 +3
 Norge 3 +1
 Eesti 3 -1
 Ireland 3 -3

Group 5
Team Pts GD
 Polska 9 +5
 Oceania 4 +2
 Schweiz 2 -1
 Deutschland 1 -6
Group 6
Team Pts GD
 USA 6 +1
 Argentina 4 +1
 Slovenija 4 -1
 Malaysia 3 -1

Group 7
Team Pts GD
 Belgium 6 +4
 France 6 +4
 Canada 6 ±0
 Hellas 0 -8
Group 8
Team Pts GD
 England 9 +5
 Latvija 4 +1
 Nederland 4 -1
 Danmark 0 -5

Round III[edit]

This round starts on 2005-12-09 20:00:00 and is played in China.

Group 1
Team Pts GD
 España 9 +5
 USA 3 ±0
 Norge 3 -2
 Suomi 3 -3
Group 2
Team Pts GD
 England 7 +5
 Belgium 6 +2
 France 3 -5
 Österreich 1 -2

Group 3
Team Pts GD
 Polska 9 +6
 Latvija 6 +2
 México 3 -1
 Singapore 0 -7
Group 4
Team Pts GD
 Sverige 7 +3
 Türkiye 4 ±0
 Argentina 4 ±0
 Oceania 1 -3

Round IV[edit]

This round started on 2005-12-19 20:00:00 and was played in China.

Group 1
Team Pts GD
 Sverige 6 +3
 Polska 6 +2
 Belgium 6 ±0
 USA 0 -5
Group 2
Team Pts GD
 España 6 +3
 Latvija 6 ±0
 England 4 ±0
 Türkiye 1 -3


This round started on 2005-12-30 20:00:00 and was played in China.

ID Match Result
(59054029)  Sverige 3 - 2 aet  Latvija
(59054030)  Polska 4 - 5 aet  España

Sverige - Latvija semifinal controversy[edit]

The semifinal match between Swedish and Latvian national teams raised rather intense conference discussions about it. The Swedish national team, trailing late in the game 1 - 2, got the lucky equaliser goal in the 90th minute and later went on to win in extra time. Almost immediately after the end of regular match time, many conference users started reporting that this match had been reported to them somewhat strangely - the other semifinal had already ended, while the Swedish - Latvian one still went on, and after about half a minute, a Swedish equalizer was announced, sending the match into extra time. This led to "conspiracy theories" about HT-Team manually altering the match and its outcome to prevent Sweden from being eliminated from tournament. However, the accusations of any unfair actions taken to affect the usual match simulation were immediately denied by HT officials, and next day, an announcement was made to clarify what exactly happened at the match (see When exactly does a match end? below).


This round started on 2006-01-01 20:00:00 and was played in China.

ID Match Result
(59461686)  Sverige 3 - 1  España

Tactics and Ratings[edit]

Sverige: 3-4-3
AIM (outstanding)
Midfield: utopian (low)
Right Defence: mythical (very low)
Central Defence: divine (low)
Left Defence: brilliant (low)
Right Attack: solid (very high)
Central Attack: divine (very high)
Left Attack: excellent (very high)

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A
España: 3-5-2
Play creatively
Midfield: divine (very high)
Right Defence: extra-terrestrial (very high)
Central Defence: outstanding (very high)
Left Defence: excellent (low)
Right Attack: passable (low)
Central Attack: supernatural (low)
Left Attack: passable (low)

Indirect Set Pieces:
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A

HT Announcements[edit]

25.11.2005 World Cup match bug
Thanks to observant users, we have found a bug regarding the hosting nations in the World Cup. When a hosting nation was drawn as a "away team", the hosting nation got the home-advantage. However, the bug also gave home-advantage to the formal home-team, meaning that both teams got the boost from having a fanatic home crowd. We have now spoken to the future home crowds and made sure that they will only cheer for the hosting nation.

This bug has unfortunately affected both the regular World cup and the U20 World Cup since the dawn of time.

07.12.2005 Hattrick World Cup VII
Friday 20.00 the third stage of Hattrick World Cup VII kicks off in China. Only 16 of our strongest sides remain in the competition for the Gold.

Speculations are intense in the conferences and among favourites mentioned are for instance Spain, Sweden and Poland. The days when Sweden dominated the game are however long gone and many teams want a piece of the action.

28.12.2005 World Cup semifinals
The Hattrick World Cup has now reached the semifinals. In the first match Sweden takes on the sensation of the tournament - Latvia, who thanks to some really shrewd coaching has managed to overthrow several teams which were considered big favourites.

In the other match the giants España and Polska will face eachother in an extremely hard battle.

Make sure to follow the battle for the final from 20.00 HT time on the 30th!

31.12.2005 When exactly does a match end?
The recent World Cup semi-final between Sweden and Latvia has given rise to questions about when exactly a match ends. The answer is that it ends within one minute after 90 minutes have been played. The exact second depends on what happens on the field. Usually, if the last minute is uneventful, the referee stops the match around 5 seconds after 90 minutes mark. However, if there are a lot of things happening, it is in fact quite common that there are events as late as 30 or even 40 seconds later. In the semifinal between Sweden and Latvia, the Swedish equalizer happened after 90:39. This is unusually late, but not exceptionally - it happens many times every week, just not normally in such important matches followed by thousands of users.

Also: Whilst we fully understand the disappointment with the result among Latvian fans (and others rooting for Latvia), please remember to keep your head cool and to always treat your fellow Hattrick players with respect, even after a defeat.

02.01.2006 Sweden World Champions
Congratulations to Sweden for winning World Cup VII. Runners-up Spain, and several other countries however showed that they have now closed the gap and it will be very difficult for the champions to defend their title once again in two seasons' time.

Today also marks the start of the elections in each league. We must also remind users that it is not allowed to spam people's mailboxes in order to gain votes.

World Cup

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