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Some managers make an effort of creating the worst team possible.


A great example is the Portuguese manager, PRG-PDG, with the team SOL (1410382).

The project start on 23/06/2007, and until now they have:
123 official games,
2 matches won (walkover),
121 matches lost
10 goals scored (walkover)
1188 goals conceded.

Until 2010, Feb 27, he already lost 110 consecutive official games and suffered 1076 goals.

With the friendly games, the results are even worse:
261 matches played
5 matches won (walkover)
147 matches consecutive lost
26 goals scored (walkover)
2547 goals against.

Another interesting fact is that SOL was the only HT Team with players from all HT Countries.

hattrick's worst team

hattrick's worst team (521197) was founded on 27th of August, 2004, originally under the name of SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg. Under the original name the team managed to win one match, which was also its first, and score an astounding 7 goals. After the first five matches the team never scored another goal again.

HWT had 101 defeats in a row with a goal difference of 0:978

First five matches 1 0 4 7 20
total as SV Viktoria Aschaffenburg 1 0 8 7 47
total as hattrick's worst team [1] 0 1 108 0 1018
total 1 1 116 7 1065
  1. ^  Only draw of hwt was a mutual walkover in a cup match. For the record it should be noted that the opponent, not hwt, continued to the next round.

L'Italia dei CONTADINI

In Italy there was a worst team: L'Italia dei CONTADINI which was probably the world worst team ever! Now this team doesn't exist anymore, but its history is impressive.
141 official matches played
3 matches won (walkover)
138 matches lost
15 goals scored (walkover)
1396 goals conceded.

The record of games without a victory is an impressive 102 matches and 1034 conceded goals.

With the friendly games, the results are even worse:
228 matches played
3 matches won (walkover)
225 matches lost
15 goals scored (walkover)
2266 goals against.


There are also some managers that don't want to be good, but don't want to give up their training either. They claim to have the best bot-team. The Belgian manager Moonsje is one of them. But one of the best examples is probably Yellow Red Emelgem which played in sixth division (out of 9) at that time, while the players of this team were similar to those of a bot-team. The manager lost almost every match with on average 5-0 but still was training almost perfectly (5% stamina, solid coach, 9 assistens, 17 yo players). After demoting to 8th division, the manager started to play a little more serious again.

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