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Xarnism is a school of Youth Academy development that maintains the focus should be on developing 17 year 0 day stars with high primary (preferably excellent) and a useful secondary. It is often contrasted with Zugism. The name derives from the American manager Xarn5, and his obsession with YA product Sydney Hunt.

Xarnism maintains that Youth Academy managers attempt to produce "a very few highly specialized 17 year old promotees." Elite players should be pulled at a 17.00 and continue to receive their primary skill training at the senior level. Xarnist disciples believe this is in the best interests of the parent club, the parent club's Youth Academy, and the national U-20 programme.

While a Xarnist will focus the training entirely on one individual they believe that other prospects will come along that will benefit from the training of this individual. In this way, it is possible to have a complimentary, albeit lesser, trainee training along side the one individual for whom the Youth Academy is devoted. A Xarnist also believes that should the individual player hit skill ceilings in the relevant secondary skills prior to promotion that it is critical to develop additional skills. A Xarnist does not continue to train a skill for other players once the identified star hits a ceiling in that skill.

A Xarnist believes the most effective way to achieve a promotable player at the age of 17.00 is to accept 15 year old prospects almost exclusively when offered by the scouts.

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