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You have the possibility to let your youth team play in a Youth league, together with your friends. You can create these leagues yourself, and the amount of teams playing in a league will vary between 4 and 16. The largest leagues can only be created by ‘Hattrick Supporters’, but all users can join them. Leaguess can be made private, so only teams that are invited can join. You can also choose the exact moment when league matches will be played, up to 5 minutes accuracy. You will play a league match every week, and every three weeks have the opportunity to play a youth friendly as well.

Only after 11 weeks (i.e. 11 scout reports) your youth team will be completely filled with your own youth players. Until then your youth team will be filled up with ‘the neighbour’s kids’. These are players, who for the most part, are without considerable capacities.


Every week you will have the possibility to use your scouts to search for a talent for your youth team. You will be able to promote a player from your youth team to your A team, at least if he has been there long enough and is 17 years old. Only one youth pull per week is possible.

The scouts will supply you with new players for your youth team. The maximum number of scouts is 3. When you ask for the scout reports, they present you their player one by one, and provide comments on each player. For each presented player you have the choice either to accept him or to send him away hoping that one of the next scouts presents you a better player. Be careful, once you’ve rejected a player, there’s no possibility to take him back.

You’re not obliged to have 3 scouts. If you have less than 3 scouts your wage cost for your scouts will be lower, but the chance of finding real talent will also be reduced. The total cost for 3 scouts is similar to the cost of the old youth squad.

Differences with A Team

  • The youth players don't receive any wages, but the youth matches don’t give any profit either.
  • The youth team is mostly independent from the A team: matters as team spirit and flag collections are independent, at least if they are implemented, which is not a certitude.
  • It’s impossible to sell or buy players who are in the youth team. Also, the transfers between your youth squad and the A squad is one way traffic, i.e. you can’t place any players from your A team in your youth team. Furthermore, the youth team may only have 16 players, so make sure you have an open slot when calling an agent.
  • The training type for your youth players is independent from the training type for your A squad.
  • Only after a certain time you will have the chance to promote youth players to your A squad, because they must reach a minimum age of 17 years and 0 days, and be in your youth squad for at least one season.
  • Players in the youth team also have a cap for their qualities in a certain skill: at a certain moment the player won’t improve anymore, because he has learned everything there is to learn about that skill. Because you can’t see the skill of a youth player, you will have to watch his performances and coach reports to determine whether you should stop training him on a skill or not.
  • Youth players heal injuries much faster than senior players.


The following contents are based on the opinion of Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

Probably it’s best to wait until the player is fully-grown, then it’s possible that he’s even older than that. But such a player has advantages: he can be trained on more than one skill and he will be better than the average youth pull from the current youth squad. The philosophy that most players should be kept in the Youth Academy for the longest time to maxmimize their multi-skill potential is known as Zugism. Also, there have been rumours that players that are called early, decline two to three levels in ability. Supposedly the trainer will tell you when the player is ready to be promoted. On the long term, this means that there will be less youth players, but their average level will be better. Alternatively, some Youth Academy managers, following the philosophy of Xarnism, maintain that the maximum potential of Youth Academy training can be achieved by focusing on producing young 17 year old products with high primary skill, and one useful secondary.