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Zeeuwen in Hattrick (ZiH) (6088)
Chief Officer Susande
Founding date December 2nd 2003
Members 82 (31-10-2011)
Languages Dutch

Zeeuwen In Hattrick (AllianceID: 6088) is a federation for Zeeuwen (people from Zeeland), people that live in Zeeland, and people with a strong connection to Zeeland and Zeeuwen. Since the federation was founded in December 2003, a large part of the Zeeuwen with supporter is member (around 45-50%). For example in July 2006 about 100 of the 260 Zeeuwen with supporter were a member in October 2010 about 90 out of 200 and in October 2011 82 out of 171.

Zeeuwen in Hattrick (ZiH) is a sociable federation with of course the mentality of Zeeuwen (laid back). The most famous activity organised by the federation is the Zeeuwse Cup (meaning: Cup of Zeeland). Which has been held every season since Dutch season 10 (January 2004). In Dutch season 38, August/September 2012, this knock-out tournament was held for the 29th time in succession. The number of entrants is usually about 40 to 60, often including some top teams. In the final rounds of the Cup, teams usually field their best players. The Zeeuwse Cup is not only accessible for members of ZiH, but for all Zeeuwen that play Hattrick. For all other activities of the federation the same principle counts, since the fed is here for all Zeeuwen, not just the ones with supporter.

Another activity organised by ZiH is a Youth competition series. This series is formed by introducing promotion and relegation between 5 to 7 competitions, with one top competition and thus one Youth champion every season.