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Zeeuwen In Hattrick (AllianceID: 6088)

The federation for Zeeuwen (people from Zeeland, a region of Nederland), people that live in Zeeland, and people with a strong connection to Zeeland and Zeeuwen. At the moment (July 2006) about 100 of the 260 Zeeuwen with supporter are a member of the federation.

Zeeuwen in Hattrick (ZiH) is a familiar federation with of course the mentality of Zeeuwen (laid back). The most famous feature of the federation is the Zeeuwse Cup (meaning: Cup of Zeeland). In Dutch season 20, starting December 2006, this knock-out tournament is held for the 11th time. The number of entrants increased rapidly to about 64 for edition 8 and 9. In season 19 the Zeeuwse Cup had 83 participating teams, the next season 64 teams. In season 21 the cup will probably be set up for a maximum of 128 contestants.

The Zeeuwse Cup is not only accessible for members of ZiH, but for all Zeeuwen that play Hattrick. For all other activities of the federation the same principle counts, since the fed is here for all Zeeuwen, not just the ones with supporter.