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Zeverfed (Alianceid: 40800)

Zever is Flemish for bullshit. It's a Flemish/Dutch federation where everyone talks nonsense. This is the most beautiful place on hattrick. Keep it a secret ! You can do everything you want over here. There are a lot of games, and a lot of members to talk with. You can open as many topics as you want, as long as you post nothing serious.

The 'Zeveraar'

Members of ZF, also called Zeveraars, have several things in common:

- They have a strange kind of humor. A kind that GM's don't (or won't) understand. That's why ZF-members are not very good friends with these noble safety keepers of the Hattrick Community. But Zeveraars don't want to irritate people. They only want to make this world a better place by giving the NT-fora the humour it often misses. Unfortunately, some people don't want to see this.

- Zeveraars are all men in the age of 18-45. They have an obsessive love for Vanessa and also Lien is quite popular.

- All Zeveraars hate Heineken.

- All Zeveraars have hair under their axilla.

- They're all sexy and very muscled, especially Hayerisator.


Except spamming and bringing joy to Hattrick fora, Zeveraars also do really good things for Hattrick. One recent example is banning out the Ole problem:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'

Invalid connection string attribute

/Common/includes/Database2.asp, line 193

Everyone knows this problem. It occured often when you were surfing at Hattrick. The Zeveraars bought as much Ole's as they could and at may 25 all Ole's were fired. After that bloody sunday, the OLE-errors disappeared.

Known Zeveraars

A few known Zeveraars are:

- Tubsie

- ZF-Fakteur

- ZF-Tekkiewekkie

- ZF-Kripottel

- Hayerisator

- Mr_Soleil

- ZF-Korpiklaani

- ZF-DreamTheater

- Dopefish

- -Lama-