Zh/我的 Hattrick

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『Zh/我的 Hattrick』正在翻譯中 —— 翻譯了 Translated 5%

"Zh/我的 Hattrick" is translating - Translated Translated 5%

我的 Hattrick is the very first menu item. Upon clicking this, all recent Hattrick announcements will appear, which involve news items such as user milestones (e.g. 0 users milestone reached), recent problems whilst processing games, new features available to users, and changes to how the game engine functions.

In the 'Your team' box you will find information about 挑戰, if you were outbid on a player on the 轉會市場, if somebody supports your team.

Sub-menu items within My Hattrick are as follows:





這是設定别名,登录名称,电子邮件,ICQ 号码,安全密碼 密碼,語言和其他选项的地方。 安全密碼 是讓CHPP應用程序所用的,為了您的安全而設。當CHPP應用程序以安全密碼登入時,它被限制只能執行“只讀”操作,所以不會對做出什麼損害您球隊的事。 此安全密碼不可以和您平日的密碼一樣。


Occasionally the Hattrick team may want user feedback - polls targeted at you will appear here from time to time.

(Note: You don't have to have a look at the 民意調查 section every time you log on. If there is a new poll available, you'll get a small notice on My Hattrick).

有时候Hattrick团队希望得到玩家的反馈-民意调查会显示。 (注意:当登陆时你不需要每次都察看民意调查, 如果有新的民意调查出现,你会发现一个小的通知在My Hattrick里面)




This page allows existing 支持者 to see when their membership expires, and also includes links to the Hattrick shop in order to buy supporter membership. More information about details of the Hattrick supporter package is also available from links contained on this page.


完成Hattrick 經理人特許證的地方。