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Club data
League: VI.86 Belgium BELGIUM
Founded: 31.03.2019
Club ID: 1024855
Region: Oost-Vlaanderen
Manager: Zlatan2601

(Laurens Deneve)

Fan Club: Zlatans Ultras
Prize shelf
Zlatan's graveyard Capacity: 36.500

Zlatan2601_2.0 is a Belgian club from Oost-Vlaanderen founded by Zlatan2601 on 31-03-2019. Between 2005 and 2012, the manager was already active with his former team "zlatan2601", of which some history is also presented on this page.

Zlatan2601_2.0 is currently (S62) playing in the sixth division in Belgium. In their first season, they achieved the title of their league, but as his team wasn't ready for Vth division, they lost the qualifier on purpose and decided to rebuild the team and focus on training in order to be competitive within a few seasons a build a sustainable way to the top. Zlatan2601_2.0 will not build a golden generation or a counter or long shot team, as it does not fit with the philosophy of the club. Besides the competition, Zlatan2601_2.0 is chasing home flags and establishing a profitable Youth Academy.

The former team "zlatan2601" was active between 2005 and 2012. This team reached a second place in the fourth division in Belgium (S33), missing promotion by 2 points after a draw in their last game. The myth goes that after the manager's laptop broke down (and there was no mobile app or money he wanted to spend on a new laptop), the manager was forced to quit. He sold all his players and immediately left the game, changing his priorities from the transfer market and winning games, to finding a girl to marry and a job to provide for his family. With the focus never being on the cup, 'zlatan2601' never survived the 6th round (out of 15) of the Belgium cup. Obviously, the new team Zlatan2601_2.0 aims to do better.

National career

Last update: 18/05/2020

Zlatan2601_2.0 (current team)

League titles and best cup performance are in bold.

Season Division League Cup Milestones
S62 (S75) ??? VI.96 ??? -
S61 (S74) 6th VI.96 1st round (of 13 rounds) -
S60 (S73) 3rd VI.96 2nd round (of 15 rounds) -
S59 (S72) 3rd VI.96 2nd round (of 14 rounds) -
S58 (S71) 1st VI.96 - Manager returned to HT ; VI Trophy, intentionally lost his qualifier

Club Trophy Chamber: Division VI.PNG VI.96

zlatan2601 (former team between 2005 and 2012)

League titles and remarkable/best cup performances are in bold.

Season Division League Cup Milestones
S33 (S46) 2nd IV.31 6th round (of 15 rounds) best result until today, after this season the manager left HT
S32 (S45) 1st V.48 6th round (of 15 rounds) V Trophy / promotion ↑
S31 (S44) 5th IV.52 5th round (of 15 rounds) lost qualifier -> degradation ↓
S30 (S43) 1st V.34 3rd round (of 15 rounds) V Trophy / won qualifier -> promotion ↑
S29 (S42) 4th V.34 4th round (of 15 rounds) -
S28 (S41) 3rd V.34 5th round (of 15 rounds) -
S27 (S40) 6th V.34 3rd round (of 15 rounds) -
S26 (S39) 5th V.34 4th round (of 15 rounds) -
S25 (S38) 1st VI.596 3rd round (of 15 rounds) VI Trophy / promotion ↑
S24 (S37) 4th VI.596 3rd round (of 15 rounds) -
S23 (S36) 5th VI.596 3rd round (of 15 rounds) -
S22 (S35) 4th VI.596 3rd round (of 15 rounds) -
S21 (S34) 2nd VI.596 2nd round (of 15 rounds) -
S20 (S33) 4th VI.596 2nd round (of 15 rounds) -
S19 (S32) 3rd VI.596 2nd round (of 15 rounds) -
S18 (S31) 2nd VII.621 5th round (of 15 rounds) promotion ↑ without a title/trophy
S17 (S30) 3rd VII.621 2nd round (of 15 rounds) -
S16 (S29) 4th VII.621 3rd round (of 15 rounds) -
S15 (S28) 1st IX.352 - IX Trophy / promotion ↑
S14 (S27) 1st X.866 - X Trophy / promotion ↑
S13 (S26) 3rd X.866 - -

Club Trophy Chamber: Division V.PNG V.48 Division V.PNG V.34 Division VI.PNG VI.596 Division IX.png IX.352 Division X.PNG X.866

Team statistics

***Match Statistics

Only games of Zlatan2601_2.0 (current team) are taken into consideration.
Last update: 18/05/2020
Source: http://www.hattrickscorer.com

Official Matches Played
Played Won Drawn Lost
68 36 6 26
100% 52,9% 8,8% 38,2%

***HatStats record (Zlatan2601_2.0)

Only games of Zlatan2601_2.0 (current team) are taken into consideration.
Last update: 16/12/2019

HatStats Record (Zlatan2601_2.0)
Date Season Match Result HatStats Match ID Link
16-12-2019 S60 Zlatan2601_2.0 - f.c. de komkommes 1-1 235 650753573 [1]

Player Achievements - Remarkable Moments

***Golden Boot Trophies

Both players of zlatan2601 (former team) and Zlatan2601_2.0 (current team) are taken into consideration.

Season League Name Nationality Goals Trophy
S33 (S46) IV.31
Isaac Busker Belgium 10 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S30 (S43) V.34
Mathis Troch Belgium 22 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S26 (S39) V.34
Juan Suarez Chile 15 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S24 (S37) VI.596
Bogdan Byczkiewicz Poland 13 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S22 (S35) VI.596
Bogdan Byczkiewicz Poland 15 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S20 (S33) VI.596
Michiel van Reij Netherlands 13 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S18 (S31) VII.621
Michiel van Reij Netherlands 22 Goldenboot-new.PNG
S15 (S28) IX.352
Michiel Hunneman Belgium 25 Goldenboot-new.PNG

***Most appearances / Most club goals scored

Only official matches and players of Zlatan2601_2.0 are taken into consideration.
Players still part of Zlatan2601_2.0 are in bold.
Source: http://www.hattrickscorer.com Last update: 18/05/2020

Most appearances (Official games)
Nr. Player name Nationality Appearances
1 Ignacio España Spain 41
2 Gamal Salmawy Maldives 40
3 Çağdaş Esenkul Netherlands 38
Most goals scored (Official games)
Nr. Player name Nationality Goals Appearances ratio
1 Gamal Salmawy Maldives 13 40 0.33
2 Alessandro Grechi Italy 11 31 0.35
3 Giacomo Polito Italy 11 28 0.39


***International careers

Players still part of Zlatan2601_2.0 are in bold.
Last update: 18/05/2020

Player name (and ID) Nationality Achievement
Gamal Salmawy (443541861) Maldives After training over 2 years at Zlatan2601_2.0, Gamal got selected of U-20 Dhivehi Raajje! So far: 2 goals scored in 10 appearances

Transfers (current team)

Top Transfers Senior Squad

Last update: 23/03/2020
Only players of Zlatan2601_2.0 are taken into consideration.
home grown players of Zlatan2601_2.0 are in bold.

Most expensive transfers (in)
Nr. Player name Price Date TSI then
1 Nico Brinkum € 7 283 000 03.04.2020 59 810
2 Benedetto Gerželj € 4 395 000 01.02.2020 29 880
3 Eugen Taftă € 2 300 000 12.03.2020 0 (FC)
Most expensive transfers (out)
Nr. Player name Price Date TSI then
1 Giacomo Polito € 4 000 000 17.02.2020 28 710
2 Alessandro Grechi € 3 250 000 17.02.2020 23 040
3 Eugen Taftă € 2 920 000 21.03.2020 0 (FC)

Top Transfers Youth Academy: Zlatans little wonders (started 31.03.2019)

Last update: 18/05/2020

Most expensive outgoing youth player transfers (max 1w training)
Nr. Player name Price Date Buying club
1 Lenart Lucidarme € 2 xxx xxx 19.05.2020 xxx
2 Robbe Das € 1 669 000 05.10.2019 f.c. Moorbos
3 Etienne Poep € 1 020 000 16.05.2020 Juve 1897
Biggest mother club contributions
Nr. Player name total mother club contribution Pull date Current club
1 Lennart Lucidarme € xxxx 18.05.2020 xxxx
2 Eberhart Bark € 73 846 15.01.2020 Birras y Petas
3 Robbe Das € 33 380 01.10.2019 f.c. Moorbos

Home Grown Players from Youth Academy still in senior squad

Last update: 12/12/2019

Home grown players (YA) in current squad
Nr. Player name Pull date Estimated worth at pull date Estimated worth today Brief description
1 Kristof Martin 21.07.2019 € 4 200 € 250 000 Unpredictable forward
2 Korneel De Pril 12.12.2019 € 500 000 € 500 000 Future quick offensive inner mid

Flag Chasing

Last update: 20/05/2020
Home flags

Arena Zlatan's graveyard has hosted teams from 42 of 136 countries.

IraqKuwaitMoroccoYemenAngola AzerbaijanBangladeshBarbadosBeninBoliviaCape VerdeCanada Comoros RD Congo Costa Rica Ivory CoastCuraçaoQatarMaldivesFranceGuatemalaDomus Pulchri LudiIranEthiopiaKenyaKyrgyzstanLithuaniaLebanonMalaysiaEgyptMongoliaUzbekistanPakistan PanamaPolandSao Tome & PrincipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSouth AfricaSurinameSwedenUgandaVietnam

Away flags

Zlatan2601_2.0 has visited 4 of 136 countries.

BelgiumEthiopiaGuamTrinidad & Tobago

Link to flag collection: click here

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