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A Map of the zones in Hattrick

Zones were introduced to Hattrick mainly to ease the search on the transfer list.

The eight zones are:

  1. Northern Europe
  2. Central Europe
  3. Latin Europe
  4. Western Europe
  5. Eastern Europe
  6. North America
  7. South America
  8. Asia, Africa and Oceania

On November 2008, a new search engine for the transfer market made possible to search for players without searching in a specific zone. This release diminished tremendously the importance of zones, which remains today just a geographic notation.


As more and more countries joined Hattrick, buying a player would mean that you had to search for a player country by country on the transfer list.

The Hattrick Team choice was always to make the game enjoyable for everybody, even for users playing only a few minutes per week. The creation of zones was an easy way to reduce the time to spende for researches on the transfer list.

In addition, users with more time take a great advantage and easily practise daytrading.