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CHPP logo

CHPP stands for Certified Hattrick Product Provider. Programs that use this logo have been approved by the Hattrick Team and are safe to be used with Hattrick.

There are certain guidelines for what a CHPP approved application may do or not. It is e.g. not allowed to trace the team history of other teams than your own, but it is for example allowed to display current statistics on them. Using non-CHPP approved applications may result in a (temporary or permanent) ban from the game.

General Rules (all applications)

These rules apply for all application types. Note that manager assistant's applications have additional rules also. Along with the chpp rules, all approved applications/websites also have to comply with the general game rules. This also includes potential forums/message boards for the application and its users.

  • Existing/future xml files are free to use once you're approved as a CHPP. These are the only files you may use for your application. You are not allowed to scan for information in any other way. Also note that if you provide other developers with Hattrick-related data, they too must be approved as CHPPs.
  • It's strictly forbidden to store, in any format, the login names and security codes of users who are accessing Hattrick via the application. Manager assistants are allowed to store login names and security codes (see #4 in "Allowed" section for manager applications).
  • Except for the XML files mentioned under 1. it is not allowed for a CHPP program to download (or scan) any other part of Hattrick. Also, all downloads must be initiated by a user; only statistics scanners may act autonomically. Some other types of CHPP programs may be exempted, either because they contain elements typical of statistics scanners, or because their functionality depends on it; this is determined on a case-by-case basis. Also note the specific rules for manager applications.
  • Applications may not communicate with Hattrick in any other way, except for accessing the file described in 1. That means that every form of automated bidding, trainer changes, etc., is forbidden.
  • Only XML files are allowed to be downloaded automatically. HTML files are not allowed to be scanned or downloaded.
  • Only one login to Hattrick is allowed per application session. If you need to download more than one XML, you must do so one by one; simultaneous downloading is not allowed. Logout must be performed at the end of the session. The login to Hattrick should be done with the Hattrick security code, and not the normal user password.
  • Applications may use the CHPP logo on the application website and in the application, when the application has been approved by Hattrick, and thus has become CHPP.
  • Applications must, in the http-request user-agent string, state which program and version is connecting to Hattrick. For instance: "Hattrix, v3.2.20"
  • The files in 1. are provided free and on an as-is basis. No guarantees can be given regarding uptimes, bug-free files, etc.
  • CHPP programs should provide copyright information in their applications, stating that "This application uses information from the online game service This use has been approved by the developers and copyright owners of, Extralives AB".
  • Applications must be of general interest, meaning that applications that only are intended to be used by small groups, such as federations or friends, won't get approval. The minimum limit is that the applications must benefit at least one country. Furthermore all applications must have English support, either as the original or as an optional language.
  • CHPP programs are allowed to charge their users for registration. However, all paying users should be informed that Hattrick and Extralives take no responsibility for these payments or for ongoing customer support for the application. In the future, we will also introduce a requirement for third-party developers to add one or several extra features that will only be available for Hattrick Supporters. To make this possible, we will add Supporter membership information in the interfaces available to third-party developers.
  • Applications for PDA and Mobile phones are, at this point, not allowed.
  • At most one co-developer per application is allowed to apply for access to the CHPP conference.
  • It is not allowed to start developing applications and/or functions before they are properly approved.

Additional rules for Manager Assistants

Since we don't want manager applications simplifying everything too much, there are a few restrictions regarding functionality. A manager application may never become a so-called "spy application" that keeps track of opponents' teams and all their changes.


  • Collecting match related information about any opponent's team, i.e. match reports, match ratings, stars and the league table. Some sort of analysis will be allowed as long as it's not too extreme. This will be measured from case to case (when you apply for functions). You may fetch this information "one season back" (16 weeks) and it may be stored in the application if needed.
  • Statistics of end-user's (the one using the application) own team historically. Also single opponent's match details (reports, ratings, stars etc).
  • Team logo types and press announcements for any Hattrick team, if the end-user has Hattrick supporter.
  • If a user of a manager application agrees to store his/her login name and security code on the local computer, then he/she is allowed to do so.

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  • Tracking of opponent's players, i.e. changes in opponents' players' form, injuries, new players in team, sold players, etc. Basically no feature where the end-user starts his program and receives a summary of all recent changes in the opponent's team.
  • Multiple statistics for several teams at the same time. That is only allowed for statistic applications (sites) and "cup manager" sites.
  • Interaction with transfers. Copying/pasting functions (for transfer evaluations) to separate databases are still allowed.
  • Automatic download, i.e. a download must be triggered by the user and not by a timer or similar.

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