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Bikkel FC (764702) is a Dutch Hattrick team from Enschede, Overijssel.

Logo Bikkel FC

In its 13 seasons of existence, Bikkel managed to advance from division X to division IV.

For Bikkel FC and its owner, kkriz or Christian Suelmann, the motto in the early days was to play extremely aggressively and defensively and to make it as impossible as possible for any opponent to play good football. In latter years, this "demolition football" hasn't really flourished because of the preferences of the last few coaches who, much to the discontent of the fans, preferred results to real Bikkel-style football. This did however greatly improve Bikkel's standing and got the club to division IV so no one's really complaining.

Right from the club's establishment, Bikkel was actively engaged in the legendary Tuigcompetitie, which regrettably doesn't exist anymore. Club management however still has regular tactical and non-tactical meetings with some former TC-colleagues to keep track of each other's perfomance, tactics and other matters.

The most renowned and most notorious player that ever played for Bikkel FC was undoubtebly Otwald Schopfhauser, loved by "The Black Army" of the fans and the club and hated by everyone else for his merciless and sometimes repulsive style of defending. Schopfhauser is now playing elsewhere, but many Bikkel fans still hope he'll be returning someday...

Wizze Adder

Another great name from the past is Wizze Adder, former captain and now bar manager at the Bikkelborg.

The various virtual members of fan club The Black Army have always felt strongly tied to Swedish real-life football club AIK, a preference reflected in their slogans and logos.