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Jolly Rogers 2013 (simply called Jolly Rogers) are a group of fans of the football team Castelfranco, society based in Florence. The group is usually find themselves in the "Curva Montrago" of Comunale "Andrea Bonaventura".



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A Choreography of Jolly Rogers

Since 2009 a group of fans coalesces to form what was a historic first group of the fans of the florence team. So even back when there were only a few hundred people created the group "Spettatori del Ghinassi Show". Carried away by the good results of the team many people joined widening the circle. In season 46 as the team won the title of the VI series, and the group reached its greatest splendor, breached the record of more than 2,300 units.

The Jolly Rogers[edit]

Following the decay of the team, surrounded by a demotion and the departure of key players, the group underwent a slow decline until the dissolution. Subsequently, the team revived, and with it also the historical group of the few fans who already siera joined by founding the old group, so July 25, 2013 founded the Jolly Rogers 2013 (or Jolly Rogers). Quickly, the group expanded, retourning to touch the splendor of the seasons victorious VI series.

Twinning and Relationships[edit]

Historically, the team has been twinned with the team that was founded at the same time real castelfranco (A.C. Castelfranco, after the rebuilding). The team was also on good terms with the local teams Deportivo Valdarno, Gaville United, talisker Unted71, Botta juniors and S.S. Laricotta.

Twinning in the world[edit]

The team was also supported by some teams around the world. In detail:

Česká republika Favorit Vinohrady Seasons 42 - 50
Portugal SOL Seasons 51 - 60
Angola Luanda Lions Seasons 51 - 55
Deutschland Hösbach-Bahnhof FCB Seasons 54
France alivert Seasons 56 - ..
Hellas Babylon Lizards XTC Seasons 58 - 60