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The case of Castelfranco-A.C.Lorese was an illegal sports, made in season 40, involving the leaderships of companies hattrick of Valdarno


At the beginning of the season 40 was closed temporarily teams of Valdarno Castelfranco of Castelfranco di Sopra and A.C.Lorese of Loro Ciuffenna. The Game Master GM-Wiles accused the teams of suspects and frequent exchanges of players and logg with the same IP address, if confirmed allegations that would result in automatic disqualification for teams. The players involved were three: Hugo Andrew, Qëndrak Šeme and Gualtiero Baboden, all of ACLorese. Immediately the club were suspended from, leading to a collapse in both teams level of play and results. The suspension lasted about three weeks, in which there were frequent contacts between the interested parties, the GM and the Swedish headquarters, and after the trial, the creators of the game Swedes confirmed the non-liability of castelfranco's team reopening with a penalty, while the team They Ciuffenna was targeted for elimination from competitions.

Judgments of GM[edit]

The Federation handed out exemplary punishment, as described below:


  •          A.C.Lorese: Disqualification
  •          Castelfranco: Fined € 250.000 and € 50.000 for Inappropriate logo


  • Oceania Hugo Andrew: Disqualification
  • Italia Qëndrak Šeme: Acquitted
  • Italia Gualtiero Baboden: Disqualification


Following the disqualification A.C.Lorese decided not to continue the action and withdrew from the league for failure. Castelfranco was able to obtain salvation in the league despite the sacrifices had to do because of the sanctions imposed. On his return ginestrino left the following statements:

Non troveremo mai un fine per la nostra società né una nostra personale soddisfazione nel mero perseguimento del benessere economico. Non possiamo misurare lo spirito dei tifosi sulla base dei dati Finanziari, né i successi della squadra sulla base delle risorse entranti. Le Finanze tengono conto degli aumenti di stipendio di giocatori mercenari. Tengono conto delle spese settimanali per le serrature del nostro stadio per coloro che cercano di fare danni e dello stipendio di economisti che frodano per abbassare i debiti delle squadre. Le Finanze non tengono conto dell’entusiasmo con cui i nostri tifosi vengono a vedere la partita. Non tiene conto della correttezza che essi assumono verso l’avversario. Non misurano né passione, né la nostra compassione né la devozione alla squadra. Misura tutto, in breve, eccetto ciò che rende la vita da tifoso veramente degna di essere vissuta. Può dirci tutto su Castelfranco, ma non se possiamo essere orgogliosi di esserne tifosi. We'll never find an end to our company or our own personal satisfaction in the mere pursuit of wealth. We can not measure the spirit of the fans on the basis of financial data, nor the successes of the team on the basis of incoming resources. Finance take into account the salary increases of players mercenaries. Consider the weekly costs for the locks of our stadium for those who seek to do harm and the salary of economists who defraud to lower the debts of the teams. The Finance does not take into account the enthusiasm with which our fans come to watch the game. It takes no account of the correctness that they have towards the opponent. Do not measure nor passion, neither our compassion nor our devotion to the team. It measures everything, in short, except that which makes life as a fan really worth living. Can you tell us all about Complaints Office, but not if we can be proud to be fans.