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Individual orders




A defensive wing back is a player who has been positioned at a wing back with the defensive individual order. Pure defenders are a good choice for this role, as wing skill is now less important.

This order:

  1. Reduces the wing back's contribution to right attack or left attack.
  2. Increases the wing back's contribution to the right defence or left defence ratings.
  3. Increases the wing back contribution to the central defence rating.

If your opponent has a strong wing attack, playing a wing back "defensive" gives you a better defense against their attacks. However, if your opponent does not have strong wing attacks, then normal wing back or even offensive wing back should be considered if your wing back has some wing skill.


Traditionally, this has been the most popular role for wing backs, far more popular than normal wing backs. However seasons 27-28 changes have weakened the defensive wing back.

  1. The reduction in the contribution to central defence by a significant amount (while increasing the contribution of a wing back towards middle).
  2. The increase of the wing contribution of a wing back to wing attacks has made the sacrifice of the wing back's wing skill a little more damaging to team performance.

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