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The correct title of this page is dL.cup 5. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

The dL.cup is a friendly cup organised by de Rechterhand (dR.) a Dutch/Flemish federation. The name dL.cup stands for de Losers cup.
The fifth edition was be played in global season 38 and was organised by irri_DMV.


The 5th edition of the dL.cup has no group phase. All entries immediately enter the knock-out phase. The cup draw was based on hatstats for competition and friendly matches. The higher ranked teams play against each other in the first round. This way the lower ranked teams have a better chance of proceeding in the cup. This concept was introduced to make the cup more interesting for all contenders.

Knock-out phase

A total of 16 teams enter the Knock-out phase


  15.04.2009 22.04.2009 29.04.2009 06.05.2009
A1  KicKx 1(4)  
A2  F.C Nieksjes 1(3)  
  K1  KicKx 9  
  K2   Dipolog City 0  
H1  Back By Dope Demand 3
H2  Dipolog City 7  
  X1  Kickx 0  
  X2  oLnEv nL 5  
D1  oLnEv nL 0(3)  
D2  Fc. Winkelwagentje 0(1)  
  N1   oLnEv nL 5
  N2   HS United 1  
E1  HS United 4
E2  vv De Schutters 0  
  Z1  oLnEv nL 1
  Z2  Eddie Boys 0
B1  Eddie Boys 7  
B2  De Olympiërs 0  
  L1   Eddie Boys 4
  L2  Applechan SC 2  
G1  Applechan SC 2
G2  De Bosuilûh 0  
  Y1  Eddie Boys 5
  Y2  CA Kortrijk 2  
C1  FC Verbaantju 0  
C2  de Harry's 5  
  M1  de Harry's 3
  M2  CA Kortrijk 5  
F1  CA Kortrijk 4
F2  fcstampemerin 1  


29.04.2009 (221592947) Stadium: der Bierkeller Netherlands
KicKx.jpg vs. Olnev nl.JPG
KicKx 0-5 oLnEv nL

29.04.2009 (221614902) Stadium: Löwenkäfig Luxembourg
CA Kortrijk.jpg vs. Eddie Boys.JPG
CA Kortrijk 0-6 Eddy Boys

Third place

06.05.2009 (221825208) Stadium: Löwenkäfig Luxembourg
KicKx.jpg vs. Soccerboys.jpg
KicKx 0-4 CA Kortrijk


06.05.2009 (221820869) Stadium: De Braak Netherlands
Olnev nl.JPG vs. Eddie Boys.JPG
oLnEv nL 1-0 Eddie Boys


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