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Hattrick.lv is Latvian community portal with long traditions. It was finally opened in 09.01.2006.

Annual opening event[edit]

Hattrick.lv annual opening event takes place in early autumn, somewhere in countryside near Rīga. Main organizer of this event is losthighway.

Event of year 2004 & 2005 took place in Mežsētas. Also a lot of Lithuanian (2004) and Estonian (2005) hattrickers participated in this event.

This event is usualy held to celebrate the opening of hattrick.lv site, but somehow the site manages to never become opened. It has become somwhat of a local legend, that the site must never be opened, yet these events have to continue.

Hattrick.lv cup[edit]

Hattrick.lv cup is a cup played in annual opening events on small field in 5 on 5 format. Past winners are POHA (2004) and Los Pedros (2005).

HT.LV cup

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