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S.V. Mike (1006179)
Managed by Mikevdveer
Club information
LocationEindhoven Nederland
ArenaDe Stuivenburg
Fan ClubDe Kampioenenmakers!

S.V. Mike was founded at 16 October 2006. The boss is Mike van der Veer.

The club is now playing in VII.947 in Nederland.

The arena of S.V. Mike is "De Stuivenburg" and have a total capacity of 21,125.

The rivals of S.V. Mike are FC Yanost and Broodjes Bal.

S.V. Mike

  • Founded: October 16, 2006
  • Manager (HT-name): Mikevdveer
  • Manager (Real life): Mike van der Veer
  • Country: Dutch
  • Colors: Red and White
  • Fanclub: De Mokkers
  • Stadium: De Stuivenburg
  • Stadium Capacity: 42,000
  • Players of the season: Cristiano Toscano (seizoen 22, seizoen 24), Theo Mok (seizoen 23), Felix Ivgy (seizoen 21), Tycho Brocard (seizoen 20), Hans Hendriksma (seizoen 19).
  • Finances: Good

Key Players

Albertus Atreides Dutch midfielder. One of the greatest talents of the Dutch. He's 19 years old but the keyplayer in the team. He make the difference between a draw and a win. He plays his whole career for S.V. Mike. Squadnumber: 8

Theo Mok Dutch midfielder. He's behind Albertus Atreides an impotant player on the field. With his experience (he plays for S.V. Mike since the club was found, 130 matches) and his quality is he a great player. Squadnumber: 6


  • Nike
  • Bavaria



The official website of S.V. Mike