Sallsbergs FC - Dinamo Tulcea (4779275)

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Sallsbergs FC    

Dinamo Tulcea

Event Ladder match
Date 18 April 2014
Time 19:57
Weather Weather rain.png

Sallsbergs FC vs Dinamo Tulcea was a ladder match played on 18 April 2014.

Match report

Sallsbergs tactics involved an interesting 3-5-2 combination. The following players took the field: Gumpel - Fumey, De Meo, Weemhoff - Galletabeitia, Guţulescu, Booth, Viteritti, Fernandes - Carter, Fredriksson.

Dinamo decided to use a 5-3-2 set up. The following players had been chosen: Paskum - Detlefsen, Cobby, Therrien, Bolsi, Kivisalu - Bercea, Niokane, Tudurean - Dănilă, Negoiţă.

First half

Counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of Dinamo. The game was characterised by rough play and many physical challenges on the wet field, but Frank Carter showed great heart and had a good game. At 13 minutes played, Nils Fredriksson came in from the right with the intention of giving Sallsbergs the lead, but his rocket of a shot rattled the crossbar. With 14 minutes gone, a long pass from the defence of Dinamo resulted in a counterattack that set Cristian Negoiţă free through the middle, but the keeper made a spectacular diving save. Dinamo's Fausto Bolsi was shown a yellow card after 26 minutes for slicing down an opponent. Sallsbergs took the lead 27 minutes into the game by 1 - 0, as Frank Carter elegantly received a long range pass through the middle, finishing off with a half-volley shot just below the bar. Always quick and a menace to his opponents, Cristóvão Fernandes was very close to getting through after 34 minutes, but he could only put the ball into the keeper's arms. The home side's Nils Fredriksson came close to extending the lead 39 minutes into the game. His shot came in from the right hand side but Barna Paskum managed to save it with an unbelievable reaction stop. Florian Fumey, who often relies on his speed, had a rotten day on the drenched grass. Sallsbergs put in a good effort on the right, but Ioritz Galletabeitia saw his volley fly wide of the mark 41 minutes into the game. Good work by the Dinamo defensive line after 42 minutes produced a good counterattack chance, which cut elegantly down the middle of the pitch and found Fausto Bolsi alone in front of the goal, but his shot whistled just wide. An equalising goal seemed certain after 43 minutes when Marko Detlefsen attacked down the left wing, but Orben Gumpel just managed to make a save to keep the ball out of the net. It was 1 - 0 at the break. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Sallsbergs, with 71 percent of the ball.

Second half

Calogero De Meo was struggling to make the ball dance with his usual trickery and panache, and the opposing players had little trouble shutting him down in these muddy conditions. Ioritz Galletabeitia could have increased the lead after 56 minutes, but his shot hit the post after a nice combination in the middle of the park. A magnificent combination in the middle resulted in Sallsbergs's Alessandro Viteritti increasing the lead to 2 - 0. Possession in this half belonged to Sallsbergs, who controlled the ball 71 percent of the time.

The most dominating Sallsbergs player was without a doubt Frank Carter. Don Booth turned in a dismal performance, however. Dinamo's best player was Ciprian Tudurean. However, Cristian Negoiţă made a disastrous appearance. The match ends 2 - 0.

Match details

18 April 2014
Sallsbergs FC Sweden 2–0 Romania Dinamo Tulcea
Carter Goal 27'
Viteritti Goal 57'

GK 13 Germany Orben Gumpel (c)
DF 23 France Florian Fumey
DF 2 Italy Calogero De Meo
DF 20 Netherlands Nol Weemhoff
MF 18 Spain Ioritz Galletabeitia
MF 19 Romania Aurel Guţulescu
MF 24 USA Don Booth
MF 8 Italy Alessandro Viteritti
MF 22 Portugal Cristóvão Fernandes
FW 10 England Frank Carter
FW 9 Sweden Nils Fredriksson
Denmark Jørgen Andersen

GK 1 Romania Barna Paskum
DF 2 Argentina Marko Detlefsen
DF 3 England Rich Cobby
DF 4 Canada Simon Therrien
DF 5 Italy Fausto Bolsi
DF 6 Estonia Tanel Kivisalu
MF 7 Romania Ion-Aurel Bercea
MF 8 France Thierno Niokane
MF 9 Romania Ciprian Tudurean
FW 10 Romania Bogdan Dănilă
FW 11 Romania Cristian Negoiţă (c)
GK 12 Romania Cristian Trupoiu
DF 13 Poland Konrad Lisiecki
MF 14 Romania Dragoş Ilina
MF 15 Romania Marius Creţeanu
FW 16 Romania Vlad-Andrei Topârceanu
Finland Matti Äikäs