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USA V.77

US V.77 is a mid-level series in a lower-level division. It was formed during Season 15, when the United States expanded past 680 clubs. At the conclusion of Season 27, Week 10, the series was rated #145 of 256 in Division V.

Since at least Season 24, it has been characterized by a single strong team demoted from d.IV, four or five teams of similar strength, and two or three teams much weaker than the remainder of the series.

Past Title Winners

Season Winner
33 Kansas City Cleats
32 Kansas City Cleats
31 Club Kaliber
30 The Never
29 The Never
28 RTP United
27 Gee, You Knit?
26 Strikers CF
25 MimeBox
24 Picts
23 Solar
22 The Orcs
21 Fighting Crawfish
20 FC Cheesecake
19 FC Cheesecake
18 Bay Dragons
17 Logic
16 1971 Arsenal
15 Louisiana Heroes