Mats Engin

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Mats Engin

Legendary, but controversial Swedish goalkeeper of Dutch club Cyclops United.

Certain people believe Mats Engin is the leader of a foul gambling syndicate from Sweden, that sells games through the entire Hattrick community. Nothing is proven (yet), but no other explanation for strange match results can be given.


Mats' professional football career began on 8 February 2004 when he was playing for Swedish club IFK Pellegnillot and got promoted to their first team. Just four days later he was sold to Maccabi "meguri" Tel-Aviv from Israel for €50,000. He didn't stay there long either and on the 23rd of February 2004 Cyclops United paid €53,000 for the then 19-year old goalie.

Mats plays with shirt number 13.

Private life

In the summer of 2004 Mats met his current wife Jet (née Henriëtte Schapenhok) at the local Dekamarkt supermarket where Jet worked as a meat department manager. After dating for almost a year they got married in April 2005. Mats and Jet Engin have two sons: Mats Jr and Heath (named after actor Heath Ledger).

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