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About Hattrick is a page in the help section and footer with a short history of the company, a long history of the game's evolution and several wallpapers.

Hattrick is the leading online football manager game - it is free to play, and it engages a community of hundreds of thousands of users from all corners of the world.

In Hattrick, you build and coach a club over time - and compete head on with other human managers. Unlike many other football games, you don't need to spend hours every day to win - setting the right strategy is the key.

The size and strength of the Hattrick community is legendary, don't forget to check out our very busy forums or the wealth of user-led initiatives that go on around the game, from local meet ups to cool third-party software.

Hattrick got started way back in 1997 and is owned by Hattrick Ltd. As developers, we are proud of our history of close collaboration with our users, something we think has helped us grow into the largest and most engaging football manager game on the web.

The Company

Hattrick was created by Björn Holmér, and has been a community-driven project since it started in 1997. Players' commitment to the game has meant a lot in making the project what it is today.

Hattrick is owned and operated by Hattrick Ltd, and managed by Johan Gustafson. Hattrick is developed by Extralives AB.

Hattrick will continue its life as a "grass-roots movement". We will always be sensitive to your opinions on new game features, design, advertising, sponsors, and so on.

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