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An arena (or stadium) is a place designed to accommodate a multitude of spectators where every team can play home matches. Attendees will come to matches ensuring precious incomes almost every week.

Mantainance and Incomes

A good manager must pay attention to build the arena with the correct size and keep it in shape.

Weekly upkeep costs
Type Cost of a seat in €
Terraces 0.50
Basic seating 0.70
Seats under roof 1
Seats in VIP boxes 2.50
Incomes per seat
Type Incomes in €
Terraces 7
Basic seating 10
Seats under roof 19
Seats in VIP boxes 35

There are four types of stands:

  • Terraces
Most spectators will use terraces, so you need more these than seats;
  • Regular seats
Spectators who want some comfort when watching games buy regular seats, these are the second most used, so build these a lot too;
  • Seats under the roof
These are for people who want to a see match as comfortably as possible. Still, relatively a lot of spectators buys tickets for these seats, even more of these will be sold during bad weather;
  • Seats in VIP lounge
Only important spectators like sponsors use these seats, thus,you need to build only a few of these.

The default 12 000 seats arena of every new team has always the same distribution.

Default seats distribution
Type Available places
Terraces 8 000
Basic seating 3 000
Seats under roof 1 000
Seats in VIP boxes 0
Note that managers starting at the beginning of 2004 or earlier had less places in their stadium
(5 000 terraces and 2000 basic seating places).
Bot teams still have this distribution nowadays.

How to build

Your job is to build your arena as big as needed, but not to build it too big, because attendees desire a certain seat category. I.e. a given portion of the potential attendees will fill terraces and others basic seats, seats under roof and VIP seats. If a seat of the given category is not available (i.e. the category is filled), the potential attendee will not buy another category.

There is also an additional fee of 10 000 € every time you expand or reduce, no matter how many seats you add or reduce.

Costs of expansion
Type Price in €
Terraces 45
Basic seating: 75
Seats under roof: 90
Seats in VIP boxes: 300

Weekly benefit can be calculated by estimation based on a full stadium at home for 8 or 7 weeks for each season (16 week period):

Weekly benefit per seat
Type 8 matches 7 matches
Terraces: 2.75 € 2.34 €
Basic seating: 4.05 € 3.46 €
Seats under roof: 5.5 € 4.69 €
Seats in VIP boxes: 13.75 € 11.72 €

Expansion Theories

The following contents are based on experience and/or research conducted by Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

When building your arena, you should build it with a certain category ratio. Unfortunately the ratio is dependent on supporter mood. I.e. in order to build the optimum arena, you should give your best prediction of your future (short term) fan mood. After finding the relationships between fan mood, category ratios and attendance, the study below calculated an arena size (denoted per fan), where the probability of filling the last one build seat equals the usual expected ratio between ticket price and maintenance cost.

The new ratios are a bit more complicated than the earlier ones due to the fan mood dependency (introduces in hattrick season 35), but they are recapitulated below.

Arena size per fan mood
Fan mood Terraces Basic Seats Seats under roof VIP seats Total
furious 7.852 2.341 1.234 0.104 11.53
angry 8.415 2.729 1.768 0.179 13.09
irritated 9.087 3.097 2.213 0.240 14.63
disappointed 9.797 3.457 2.628 0.297 16.17
calm 10.52 3.814 3.034 0.352 17.72
content 11.26 4.170 3.437 0.406 19.27
satisfied 12.00 4.526 3.841 0.460 20.83
delirious 12.74 4.882 4.247 0.514 22.39
high on life 13.49 5.238 4.657 0.568 23.95
dancing in the streets 14.23 5.594 5.069 0.623 25.52
Sending love poems to you 14.98 5.951 5.485 0.678 27.09

Notice that these figures can be seen as "the maximum arena with all seats generating profit over time". However, it is quite aggressive for new and/or poor teams, since the payback rate of the last seats are very low. Instead one might use the ratios given below and build a smaller stadium more suitable to the economics of the given team.

Arena size per fan mood (%)
Fan mood Terraces Basic Seats Seats under roof VIP seats Total
furious 68.10% 20.30% 10.70% 0.90% 11.53
angry 64.28% 20.85% 13.51% 1.36% 13.09
irritated 62.09% 21.16% 15.12% 1.64% 14.63
disappointed 60.55% 21.37% 16.25% 1.83% 16.17
calm 59.38% 21.52% 17.12% 1.98% 17.72
content 58.43% 21.64% 17.83% 2.11% 19.27
satisfied 57.62% 21.73% 18.44% 2.21% 20.83
delirious 56.93% 21.80% 18.97% 2.30% 22.39
high on life 56.32% 21.86% 19.44% 2.37% 23.95
dancing in the streets 55.78% 21.92% 19.86% 2.44% 25.52
Sending love poems to you 55.29% 21.96% 20.24% 2.50% 27.09

Your stadium is an expensive long-term investment, which will take around two seasons to pay for itself at best. It is generally better to improve your stadium in small steps (say 2 000 to 4 000), and only if you will be able to fill those additional places in the majority of your up-coming matches.

Note that, when budgeting for arena expansions, you may not take more than 500 000 € debt.

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