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A game or match is a single outing between two clubs.

Official matches, also reffered to as competitive matches, include all league, qualification, and cup matches. Friendlies and friendly cups do not count as competitive matches, though they are important for the development of a team.

Tournaments and ladders competition are something in between a official and a friendly match. They are alternative matches where players cannot get injured and cards do not affect your regular league or cup games.

For national teams, matches include international friendlies and all World Cup qualification and main stages.


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Teams can choose their line-up just like in real football. Not all the crazy line-ups are allowed, but in Hattrick there are enough to satisfy any tactician: 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 5-4-1, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-2-3, 5-5-0 and 2-5-3.


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A team can use different tactical options in the game. Normal tactic means that your team does not play any with any tactics, it's the default set. Besides the normal, there are six tactics: pressing, counter attack, attack in the Middle, attack on Wings, long shots and play creatively.

They were introducted in this order in the game.

Team Spirit

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Team Spirit is affected by several factors, but mainly by team Attitude you choose before the matches:

  • "playing it cool" will raise team spirit by approximately 1/3, lowering midfield ratings for the match;
  • a "normal" setting will not affect team spirit or midfield;
  • playing a "match of the season" will reduce team spirit by approximately 1/2, boosting midfield in return.

Match report

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One or multiple games can be followed with the HT Live viewer or other match viewers.

After the end of a game, the match report become available. In it, all the game events are shown. For examples, goals, injuries, cards and ratings that give information about the team and players peformances.

After match update

There are a lot of game aspects affected by a match, and these effects are made visible by the update that occurs immediately after the game. In addition to the aforementioned long term effect on team spirit, your players will gain experience, or get their TSI changed depending on injuries.

Team sponsors like winning clubs, and they will improve their mood after a victory.

Team supporters at the same time are interest only in the number of goals you score and in your series position. So they will come to your arena if you won by a lot of goals in your previous match, and improve their mood if you are in the affected position in league and you have a long cup run.


While international competitions, such as World Cup and Hattrick Masters, have a common calendar for matches, local leagues and cups follow the country schedule with different timetables.

In general, league matches are automatically scheduled on match days, which usually occur on Saturday or Sunday, while cup and friendly games are played on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Check global match timetables page for local schedule of matches.

Youth Academy

Youth Academy has his own match system, with leagues and friendlies. You will play a league match every week, and every three weeks have the opportunity to play a youth friendly as well.