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FK Zadruga (1612475)
HT-User: gomago
Country:  Bosna i Hercegovina
Region: Brčko
Prize shelf: Division VI.PNG
Arena: Arena blizanaca (35 600)
Series: V.76
Fan club: Ufurani šmekeri
Club Site: http://www.
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FK Zadruga is club at Hattrick. The club was founded on 26th of September 2012. Club is currently playing in VI and V Liga Bosna i Hercegovina.


Club manager is gomago.

Trophies: 1

  • Division VI.PNG Series Champions VI.87 Bosna i Hercegovina Season 32 (11.01.2013.)


  • Name: Ufurani šmekeri
  • Region: Brčko
  • Capacity: 35 600