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(New) 2016 HT Live

HT Live is a 'live ticker' for watching one or multiple matches selected from individual match pages.

The HT Live remained mostly unchanged for years since 2016 complete re-design (Global Season 62) with many features in common with a match report.

Old HT Live (Firefox version)


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For the followed matches you will get automatic updates providing the result minute-by-minute. You can watch matches in progress or also already finished using the "re-live" option for quick or full time replay.

If the match is ongoing, the ratings will be absent, and only the events that have happened so far are displayed. Those watching their matches will see the latest events appear roughly minute-by-minute.

There are a number of other ways to 'watch' your match(es) live. These are being improved by volunteer programmers regularly. See Matchviewer section.

A clean live view

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