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Hattrick Radio (also known as HT-Radio) is a Dutch online radiostation which is founded in 2002 and is completely dedicated to the online soccermanagement game Hattrick.org.


Hattrick Radio was founded at the end of 2002 by former Hattrick manager Armandinho and Damazinho. During it's first years the station was broadcasting only during the dutch league matches. It became one of the most popular parts of the Hattrick community at once setting it's record on 182 listeners during the U20 final between the Netherlands and Romania on January 31, 2012. But with the time passing by the Hattrick Community became more inactive, resulting in less and less listeners. In December 2008 the Hattrick Radio Crew decided to stop with Hattrick Radio and it was Rikhardur who was hosting which seemed to be the last show ever closing with the song: Weird Al Yankovic - Polka Power.

But... in the beginning of 2010 Belgian manager Juupke thought it was a good idea to re-start Hattrick Radio. At first it was only for the Belgian community, but only a few week later Jeremies hosted the first show for the Netherlands. At this moment Hattrick radio is still 'alive and kicking' and broadcasting 24 hours, 7 days a week!

De Interland

De Interland is a played between Belgium and the Netherlands during the 'friendly' games in the last week of the season. The first Interland was organized from September 2005 till March 2007 by a group of active Hattrick managers. Since March 2010 Hattrick Radio is involved with the organization of the clash, initially to celebrate the re-start of Hattrick Radio.

This Weeks Divine

There is a weekly poll on our website with several songs sharing a common theme, where the song with the most votes will be crowned to 'This Weeks Divine'. The song which is This Weeks Divine is played on the radio more often than usually. All songs in the poll are selected by our 'TWD-specialists' together with our federation.

Broadcasting schedule

19:00 - 23:00The Hattrick Night


Our current deejays are:

Former deejays:

Belgium The Netherlands
Captain_MoonsjeArmandinho (founder)Joshua1966
DJ Yoni ProjectBar-DLil_tj
PostboyDamazinho (founder)Rikhardur
XkickFinalDSiemBrouwer (GM-Siem)

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