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Hayerisator is a Dutch Hattrick player. His real name is Haye Oldenburger and he lives in Emmeloord, with his girlfriend and his two dogs: Tibor and Mojo. His favourite music is hardrock/metal. Haye is also frontman of his own band, Sidetrack. He plays the guitar and does the background vocals.

Hattrick life


Haye's main target in Hattrick is not the same as most Hattrick players. He doesn't care if he has a succesful team or not. Haye's main goal is having fun at the forum. His current team (ik maak prak van je prutsteam) is his third already. His reputation forces him to change his name quite often. At this moment his nick is 'Hayerisator'. Other names of him are 'zfbfuspamihenhaye', 'wimpietheunreal' or zf-bfu-hayeolden.

Although the GMs and Mods don't like him, he made a lot of friends in HT. Especially in the federations IHEN (In Hart en Nieren), ZF (Zeverfed) and SPAM (SPetterende AMbiance) he is very popular. His best friend is nico_himself. Hayerisator once came up for nt-u20 coach belgium, he became 5th with 82 votes.