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Lantalume is the Dutch manager of Aïnulindalë FC and founder of Hattrick Federatie Rotterdam and the friendly-cup József Kiprich Trophy. He plays hattrick since spring 2002 when he founded RVV Feyenoord. That team went on bankrupt, so on 30/6/2002 he founded RV & AV Feyenoord Rotterdam 1908 who was renamed as Ainulindalë FC at the first of December 2002.

He is 31 years-old, happyily maried and live near the big city of Rotterdam. He likes to drink Belgian beer, plays guitar and listen to a lot of alternative rock and death- and doom metal. He is also a passionate supporter of Feyenoord.

Lantalume means "the fallen of the night" in Quenya. Also known as Lanta, Lantalümé and Darkfall.