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Karl-Heinz-Spock (2866586)
Manager of Die lustigen Astronauten (823509)
Manager Information
Real nameSven (29)
Gender male
Language German
Joined 06-15-2005
Favourite team his own

Karl-Heinz-Spock is a German user managing Die lustigen Astronauten (823509).

Main information

Team: Die lustigen Astronauten
Country: Deutschland
Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
Starting date: 15.06.2005

Trophies: 4

  • X.612 Champion (season 26)
  • IX.816 Champion (season 27)
  • VII.460 Champion (season 29)
  • VI.743 Champion (season 33)
  • V.28 Champion (season 36)
  • VI.319 Champion (season 39)
  • V.252 Champion (season 40)
  • National Cup Champion (season 40)

Started playing HT with his team named Zarathustra e.V., and took part in the German elections for World Cup VIII and German elections for World Cup XI.
Member of Unelitäre erfolgsgeile Kinder 06/05

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