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North West England Federation (5053)
Chief Officer latics
Founding date 25/09/2003
Members 198 (on 28-01-07)
Languages English Српски

England's largest regional federation! A friendly alliance of those living in, or with a connection to, England's finest region.

As well as the banter, discussions and debates on our lively conference, we run:

  • Competitive Fed Cup - eagerly contested and enjoyed by teams of all levels.
  • Inter-fed comps - fight them on the Pennines!
  • Predication leagues, for F1 and other member's matches.
  • Youth Pull Cup, with prize for winner and honour of competing in inter-fed comp for best 4.

About federation


Hattrick European Youthpull Cup

Eight international Federations took part in this Cup. Each Federation entered the four most successful Managers from their local Youthpull Cups into this Cup. The Youthpull Cup began on 9th December 2006 with a Group stage, which included 8 Groups of 4 Managers. After 3 weeks the best two Managers of each Group were entered into the first Knockout Round.

Four of four NWEF teams reached the knockout stages

Two were beaten in the first knockout round and then a further fell in the quater final

However Plindoe of Pork Piers reached the final AND WON!!!



Founder - Reserved for Latics alone --- The daft bloke who started this fed!

Gold Member - Elected post, awarded to one Silver Member each season, starting season 28

Silver Member - Pending Description

Bronze Member - Must be member for 1 year, been in 1 fed cup and 1 inter-fed cup.

Fed Cup Winner - Awarded only to members who win the seasonal NWEF Cup.

Founder Member - Exclusively for those who helped get the Fed going (joining in the first week, before 3/10/03)

Exile - For people from the North West, who now live outside the region

Import - For members from outside the region, but now based in the North West



The famous well known cup that no club has ever won twice


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