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NerdleBert is a Californian user from the USA who is infamous for running in nearly every NT and U20 election, normally finishing in the top 10. However, his real fame comes from his cliched quotes and terms.


  • "I've been doing this since Moby was a goldfish."
  • "Don't balm yo lips."
  • "Spread tha word. Ya heard?"
  • Nerdlemania
  • bots
  • Frybot
  • "hang on like a hub cap in the fast lane"
  • "I am the path to gold"
  • "I am NerdleBert"
  • "Nuff Love Nuff Respect"

Nerdlebert is currently the manager of Greedy Orphans Fighting and Biting. He owned a similarly named team beforehand. In any event, what is known is that he was a fine wine back when everyone else was just a bunch of grapes.