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Paddy Says: Buy Irish! (PSBI) is an Irish federation.

The History (as told by ex-gaffer JR-Ewing)

Everything started back in august 2003 when I ended up in the same series as GTI-Paddy, a former Irish national coach and controversial Irish HT-community member. Patriotic as he was, he inspired me to try and get an all Irish team to see if it would be possible despite our at the time very limited userbase. GTI-Paddy also created a federation at this time called Buy Irish, encouraging people to get an all irish lineup. The federation didn't get much attention, we were at the most around 13 members if I remember correctly including me, Paddy, MikeG, mickburke, mickoc, arneanka, Philler, Jeffrey and a few more.

GTI, controversial as he was, managed to get himself banned from the game after giving his fanclub a name that the GMs at the time (GM-PirateWolf and GM-Sam) found offensive. Not saying it wasn't. He claimed otherwise but it doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, GTI was banned, mailed the GMs comments about their family jewel sizes and wasn't allowed back in (For the record he came back twice, under different names in different countries).

I thought it was a shame that the federation was going to get disbanded and asked the other members if they would be willing to start another federation with a similar goal. They agreed, and we had a vote making me Gaffer in November 2003. MikeG was the other main candidate, but my Dallas influences blinded the voters.

Said and done, as we already had the national coach aboard, we wanted the u20 one as well, and Ghetto-Pimp agreed to join us. At this time, we got a few more members including Booker, Bisgrad, Doubs, niall, Kerryman and CW (hmm or perhaps CW was in from the start, my memory isn't what it used to be).

Philler came up with the idea that we should scout for Irish players so that we more easily could secure their training. A scouting schedule was set up and the scouting was started. I named the new fed Paddy Says Buy Irish in memory of GTI and made our aim to both buy and train Irish players. We were struggling to get more members. At the same time HT-Ireland was facing another threat. The revolution. The aim of the revolution was the direct opposite of everything that PSBI stood for. The group leading in was trying to rally up low series managers to vote for their candidate, mayor Quimbey. In return he would only use players from the lowest divisions in the national team to get back at the teams in higher divisions as they thought it was unfair that only older teams were able to have national team players in their squad. They started an immense hate-campaign towards Bisgrad, me, MikeG, and later also Celticwarrior.

I took his threat very seriously, and as it was almost election time, we backed up Jeffrey.

After several account hacking attempts from their part (think they tried to hack my password 24 times according to my mail replies) they choose to go undercover again. Jeffrey won the election and we thought the worst part was over. As it turned out, some of their members managed to get both Booker and CW temporarily banned later, luckily enough GM-Andycolu came in as a knight in shining armor and restored the order. *ahem*.

Anyway. After this, more people had started to notice what kind of work PSBI was doing for the hattrick community, and it started to get easier to convince people to join us. An application was now required as I wanted to make sure that no revolutionaries slipped thru the net into PSBI.

PSBI grew, and with the likes of Amadan for instance, a Youth Pull Competition was set up. I started to arrange federation challenges as we started to get a slight bit of hybris. Without getting into details, PSBI continued to develope and still is. KieranQ made the federation challenges more organised, Pigdog started to make interviews with different PSBI-personalities and many many more contributed to the federation. Awesomo's scouting tool, Kieran's PSBI homepage, etc etc. You know who you are :) Trying to not get too sentimental here, but we really have created something special and one of a kind here. I even had to put a copywright after the PSBI name since people have been so influenced by us. A federation is ONLY what the members make out of it. The members are you guys. Today we almost have 200 members! Crazy stuff if you think about our very limited user base. I have tried to make everyone a part of the federation, and I am very pleased with what we have achieved so far.

Needless to say, I will be very picky with who shall replace me, that's one power I still got :) PSBI is great and will become even greater! I will never as long as I play quit PSBI. Without PSBI I might not have been playing hattrick at all anymore. I cant count the number of time's I have laughed out loud at the computer at some posting, getting funny looks from my workmates. More or less every day for more than 2 years now.