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Sherwood (9042)
Managed by Piwiks
Club information
LocationÎle-de-France France
ArenaKing Eric Stadium
Fan ClubLittle green Hood

Owner of Sherwood Squad (9042) playing in Championnat France.

Trophees and Highlights

  • won III.12 season 16
  • won III.9 season 27
  • won II.1 season 28
  • Finished 3rd place for his first season in french 1st Division
  • Finished 2d place for his second season in french 1st Division

Both with only french players in main team.

  • Coach of French National Team from 19-10-2004 to 31-05-2005.

Reached Round II and brought french team from 52nd to 25th in world ranking.

  • Moderator from 15-11-2004 to 10-06-2006
  • Made the first (unofficial) translation of Hattrick rules from english to french for Tof74's website Hattrickfrance [1]

Coupe de france

  • best run: reached twice quarter-final