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Promotion may occur when you win your league, if you are playing in VI or higher division, or when your team places in first three positions, if you are playing in a division lower than sixth.

Promotion can be:

If you have more points than half of the group winning teams in your division come the end of the season. you will be promoted automatically.
If you have less points than half of the group winning teams in your division come the end of the season, you will have to play a qualifier. These are played against the team in the division above you who are placed either 5th or 6th. If you win the qualifier you are promoted to that division.
All bot teams in div 6 and lower will demote to the lowest possible division. When bot teams demote, real teams will take their positions instead. So, even if you don't finish on a promotion place there is still a chance that you will promote. Promote "for free", so to say. You can however only be promoted one division at a time. These extra promotions will be based on league ranking, just like normal promotions.

Promotion and Demotion System

Two were the main changes in promotion/relegation system. League reorganization (global season 28) made automatic promoting both the winners and runners-up of odd-numbered divisions below levels 6, without having to play a qualifying match. Even-numbered divisions after this level will have only the winners promote without qualification. The other restructuring (global season 55) made the runners-up in even-numbered divisions below levels 6 play a promotion match against teams of division above (5th or 6th placed). The promotion system is:

Promotion and Demotion in Hattrick League System
Position Division I Div. II Div. III Div. IV Div. V Div. VI Div. VII and below (ODD) Div. VIII and below (EVEN)
1st National Champion Auto-promotion or Qualifier Auto-promotion
2nd Team stays in their current league Auto-promotion Promotion Qualifier
3rd Promotion Qualifier
5th Relegation Qualifier
7th Auto-Relegation
(except lowest division in country)

Promotion Aftermaths

It is important to realise that promotion is a good thing, however, there is always a chance of relegation. Facing promotion, you may be in a difficult league and lose every game (but hey, at least you gave it a go) and other effects will take place in your team:

  • All promoting teams will also get a 10% supporter bonus (similarly, demoting teams will lose 10% of their supporters);
  • A likely increase in sponsor money next season as you go through the games;
  • More crowds;
  • A new trophy will appear in team's prize shelf (only for the league champions);
  • A prize in money is awarded. How much depends on your place and how high up you are in the league system (see below).

Bonus Prizes

The teams agreed that a special bonus should be given to those who manage to promote their team to a higher level.

  • Position bonus
At the end of every season the sponsors hand out a bonus if their club has done well enough.
  • Promotion bonus
In divisions where two teams are promoted, the winner gets the higher bonus, while the runner up gets the lower bonus. When only one team is promoted, the winner gets the higher bonus, while the runner up doesn't get any bonus payment. If your team is automatically promoted from level 6 or above, you get a higher bonus than teams that reach the higher division after playing a qualifying game (but if your team loses a qualifying game and stays in the lower division, no bonus at all is paid out).
Seasonal Money Prizes
Series Level 1st position prize Auto-promotion prize Qualifier victory prize
Division I 750 000 US$ 525 000 US$
Division II 550 000 US$ 380 000 US$ 120 000 US$
Division III 375 000 US$ 260 000 US$ 80 000 US$
Division IV 240 000 US$ 170 000 US$ 50 000 US$
Division V 150 000 US$ 100 000 US$ 30 000 US$
Division VI 90 000 US$ 60 000 US$ 20 000 US$
Lower 1st position prize 2nd prize (only ODD) Auto-promotion prize 2nd (only ODD)
divisions 60 000 US$ 45 000 US$ 40 000 US$ 10 000 US$

Here is an example of how the bonus system may look:

Club A wins its Division IV and is promoted without qualification to Division III. They will get 240 000 US$ in prize money for winning its Division IV and 170 000 US$ in bonus money for being promoted without qualification. Total: 410 000 US$.