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Stage is the test web site of Hattrick. Stage is available for all staff members and since 26-08-2008 for a limited number of users by this MyHT message:

Hattrick announces
The Stage is set 26.08.2008
Today we're opening our test web site (called Stage) to a limited number of users. Stage is basically a version of the Hattrick site where we release new pages, features and bug fixes to have them tested before they go live on the regular Hattrick site. So far it has only been open to the development team and our volunteer staff. To get more intense testing we will let 5,000 users get access to Stage. We will have a 50-50 distrubution between Supporters and non-Supporters and the number of Stage access slots for each league will correspond to the number of users in the league. To qualify, you need to understand and write English. Read the full introduction and apply for access.

The text of the full introduction:

Hattrick announces
The Stage is set
You are welcome to sign up for using Hattrick's stage environment. This is a version of the site where some pages may still be in a test phase and things might not work 100% as it should. Using a stage environment lets us reduce the number of bugs that reach the whole community. But in order to succeed with that we need your help finding those nasty bugs!

It's completely optional, and of course free, to use Hattrick Stage. The number of slots available for signup is limited though, we currently give approximately 5000 users access to this environment, and those places are distibuted over all Leagues depending on their size. The minimum number of slots available for each league is set to 10. All slots are divided 50/50 between supporters and non-supporters, as we need to test both versions of the site.

Disclaimer It is very important that you understand that the Stage environment will contain bugs, defects and sometimes pages that do not work at all. The primary purpose of this site is to obtain feedback on site performace and any kind of technical errors, especially ones connected to new pages or features in the game.
You are advised to use caution and not to rely in any way of the correct functioning or performance of the site. You will be able to use the normal Hattrick site as much as you want, but please do not sign up for Stage if you have no intention to use it, because we need our testers. We may remove your access rights to Stage at any time, and we will do it if you stop using the site. Then it is time to make room for more active testers. We may also remove your access rights if you bring up Stage bugs or functionality in the regular Hattrick forums. Such discussions should be carried out in the dedicated Stage tester forums.

Feedback It is expressly understood, acknowledged and agreed that you shall, regardless of whether or not formally requested to do so, provide Hattrick Ltd with reasonable suggestions, comments and feedback regarding Hattrick Stage, including but not limited to usability, bug reports and test results. Before you file a bug report for a certain page, please check if the bug has already been reported - all existing reports are visible on the bug report page.

Thank you for helping us making Hattrick a better site!