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Early coaches[edit]

The coaching history from WC III until WC VIII is inconsistent. The Bosna i Hercegovina country page originally put rolacity as the WC IV coach. However, s/he has not retired from HT, and the record clearly indicates that their term was only for the second season of the WC III cycle (elected in week 2/19 where the senior NT coaches are elected on even global seasons). Therefore, we have two seasons unaccounted-for that were managed by someone currently retired. The record doesn't indicate whether prdisha went for two cycles (not just one), or prdisha and seljo should be shifted up one with another coach taking WC VII, etc. As it is, I've simply put unknown on WC IV and assumed that the record here is correct as far as WC V through WC VII. --Mr Wednesday 21:04, 14 July 2009 (UTC)