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Tobinov is a controversial person who is calm and honest.

Tobinov is the owner of Wetherby Park BCFC and Saint Mungo RFC.


Tobinov joined HT in November of 2004 and >redacted<. He served as Global Editor for the Hattrick Press from 2009-2011 as well as being the regional Editor for the USA, Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago. In May of 2013, tobinov founded Saint Mungo RFC in Glasgow, Scotland.






After the November 2013 announcement of an outrageous price increase for Supporter, Tobinov vowed to never spend another dime on Hattrick. His decision was a matter of principle.

The money wasn't the issue; he could afford the $110 annually but because of the arrogance and contempt HT management showed their most loyal customers in their justification for the price increase. Furthermore, the years of broken promises, the lack of development, the PR disasters, and the unwillingness to address the hemorrhaging of users signaled to tobinov that it was time to end his relationship with the game.

Tobinov had accumulated Supporter time prior to the announcement, so he decided to use his remaining time with the site to bring his teams to their natural conclusion and to wage a vocal protest against the decisions of HT management. In his view, they priced the soul out of Hattrick - and there was no reason to spend time and money on a game if its owners cared so little about the affect of their poor decision-making and their consistent mismanagement of the game.