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Pranks Utd. (147372)
Pranks Utd.
Managed by Dennis86
Club information
LocationZuid-Holland Nederland
ArenaVodafoon® Soccer Temple
Fan ClubSupportersvereniging "Ik kots van een MotS"

Introduction & History

Pranks Utd. is a club from the Dutch VI.327, led by manager Dennis86. Established on the 16th of november in 2004, Pranks Utd. was first named 'FC Bananenschil' and started at the VII.127. After a short first season, playing only two games, Bananenschil ended up fourth and they were ready to play a whole season in hattrick and show everyone what they were about. In that first official season, with meanwhile 'FC Bananenschil' renamend to 'v.v. Het Lamme Rechterhandje [HLM]', the Dutch guys immediately struck their opponents and became first in the league with 40 points out of 14 matches. The road to the VI was open!

While the clubname again was changed to the current 'Pranks Utd.', the team landed in the VI.327. At first sighted it looked like an easy competition, in which we should were to be able to promote to the V in a season or 2 or 3, 'we thought'. It turned out to be a hell of a lot tougher, but managed to rank third at the end of the season. The season after, we played our first matches for the Dutch Cup. Three interesting matches were played, but Round 3 proved to be the end of our first cup-adventure. The season itself proved to be even more harder, with a lot of losses and hard defeats and we ended up fourth with some luck. The season after was almost the same as the one before, except for the fact we survived in the Dutch Cup a round longer... And as of today, we are still having problems getting to the top of the VI.327


Ábel Márialigeti
Ivan Smed [DEF] Henrik Pålsson [EIM] Juliusz Zajaczkowski [NOR] Bernd Gärtner [DEF]
Peder Brandbye [ATT] Yelle Janssens [NOR] Rubens Niemeyer [ATT] Julian Mehlbek [ATT]
Roy van de Weerdt [TW] Leopoldo Villamonte [NOR]