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JohanV314 is the manager of team V314. V314 is a team playing in league III.1 in Belgium. JohanV314 is also organisor in the Passing Federation.

V314 started on 25-01-2005 in VIII.257. On 07-05-2005 it obtained second place and promoted to VII.199. On 28-08-2005 V314 promoted again to stay in VI.1012 for 8 seasons (winning the league without being able to promote on 11-03-2007 and 21-10-2007. Won the league in V.120 promoting to fourth division. After becoming second in their first season it won in IV.13. Currently V314 is playing its 4th season in III.1

Up to 16-01-2010 V314 visited already 99 countries.