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Club Info

  • Country: Shqipëria
  • Region: Fier
  • Arena: Loni Papuçiu
  • Current Series: III.4
  • Owner: _Madskillz_
  • Entered hattrick: 18/02/2005 as Tirana VK, later renamed to its present name.

Club History

Season 2

The manager was given a team in league III.4 in Shqipëria when the country was on its second season in hattrick. The first season proved to be very tough for the young team which was the first user controlled team to play in the region Fier. As the team entered after the 3rd week had been played in the 2nd season it lost two of its first three matches being in a very difficult position after week 6. Anyway at that moment the club had gained a certain experience and managed to win 7 of the remainng 8 games loosing only to the first placed Elbasani. The loss was a very unfortunate one as the team was leading 2-0 up to the moment when its best and most experienced midfielder suffered an injury that let him out for weeks after that. The match was lost 3-2 but the team managed to achieve the second place. At the end of this season the club changed its name to better match the fact that its region was Fier, by taking the name of the local Football team FK Apolonia.

Season 3

After getting the second place in the previous season the club got some economic rewards that helped it get out of the debt and buy some reinforcements for the new season. The hopes were high that season as the team looked the strongest in the league and were hoping to make a decent run in the Albanian CUP. Being very superior toward most of the other teams in its league the team took advantage by PIC-ing league matches and using better TS against stronger opponents in Cup matches. This was especially seen in the match against Dardanija, a Superliga team for the 4th round of the cup. After extra times the team managed to win 4-3, achieving the best result in its short history. After the exhausting match against Dardanija the team took a draw in the league against Torkka FC 3-3. The quarter finals of the cup proved to be to tough and Jakova FC, later winner of the cup that season, managed to win easily 5-2. It was an expected loss an the menager used PIC and Press in order not to suffer a heavier loss. Despite the loss in the quarter finals the achievements in the cup were considered satisfactory. In week 10 of the season Apolonia was facing second place Torkka FC(later renamed to Mabetex). Apolonia had a superior team but Torkka managed to win 4-3 thanks to e very superior winger they had in their team. With no decent wingback to stop him Apolonia went to the second place and there it remained since Torkka did not do any mistakes up to the end of the season. Even though the best team in the league that season Apolonia had to stay in III.4

Season 4

After the fatal mistakes done by the manager in the 3rd season the team was again in III.4. Apolonia looked still the strongest in the league but surprisingly another team which up to that time was considered mediocre showed to be very strong that season. Surprisingly, Sk Kastrioti had bought some great players by using some mysterious ways to find moeny and was the second strongest contender for the league title. FK Apolonia wanted to repeat the great appearance of the previous season in the cup so the menager decided to field the first team in cup matches and the second team in league matches. This strategy gave to the team another great win against a Superliga team and also first season winnner of the Cup KF Liria Prizren. The 5-3 win is considered one of the best matches ever and the team was looking forward to meeting FC Atletika in the next round. The fact that the club considered the cup more important then the league matches brought the most disastrous loss in teh club history in the 3rd week season 4 match against Sk Kastrioti, 6-2. Fielding not the primary team showed catastrophic and the team had to follow from the early stages. Also in the cup later that week FC Atletika won 6-2 and with the team confidence being the lowest ever the team had to be very careful in the future. After week 7 when Sk Kastrioti was heading with three points the team was removed and a new user got its place, FC PRRENJAS_BOYS. Apolonia got full advantage of this removal and defeated FC PRRENJAS_BOYS on the 12th week, 7-1 and is at the moment leading the table with 6 points with just two games to go by securing their promotion spot for next season.


FK Apolonia trains scoring based on the ideas that attacking is the best defence, and A match with no goals is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery boring.


Throughout it short history the team has had many great players which have contributed a lot for the club. At the moment these are the players that play for the club:

Player Name Age Nationality
Hauk Vestli 19 Norway
Lucien Fache 26 Belgium
Joaquin Desantes 20 Spain
Blake Alston 26 England
Diego Poveda 21 Chile
Seth Prouteau 21 Oceania
Thanush Ferra 20 Albania
Luis Lopez 18 Uruguay
Jusuf Qosja 18 Albania
Holger Tergau 23 Netherlands
Levik Ramabaja 22 Albania
Elias Popoca 28 Mexico
Kay Funke 28 Germany
Bruno Aguilar 22 Portugal
Artin Vogli 19 Albania
Randar Helemae 28 Estonia
Klaus Skau 28 Denmark
Alain Karl 31 Belgium
Henri Hartzell 17 Finland
Luljon Prenkpalaj 21 Albania
Jan Stiglius 27 Sweden
Jorn Ulfsson(coach) 60 Sweden
  • Jusuf Qosja is the clubs' best youthpull ever. The club from its very founding had tried to find a young Albanian forward to train. When Jusuf Qosja was pulled it has been a decision to keep the player in the club refusing even the most tempting offers.